Praying for Breakthrough & Provision for ‘The HOPE Project’  

DAY TWENTY-TWO (Monday 22nd July 2019)   

Scripture – Genesis 12:1-9 (context chapter 11:10 – 12:9)        

Spend some time reading and praying around the story of Abram. Listen carefully to what God says to your heart and take note.

DAY TWENTY-THREE (Tuesday 23rd July 2019)   

Scripture – John 14:27 (context is whole of chapter 14)             

The promises of Father God through His Son are guaranteed i.e. sealed by the Holy Spirit (cf Eph.1). What are we hearing from the Spirit, particularly as we meditate upon “I do not give to you as the world gives.”

DAY TWENTY-FOUR (Wednesday 24th July 2019)     

Scripture – Isaiah 33:2 (context is chapter 33:1-6)            

Salvation belongs to our God. It is ‘complete’ rescue. Reflect on verse 6;   ‘a rich store of salvation’ and pray into this for revelation and wisdom.

DAY TWENTY-FIVE (Thursday 25th July 2019)         

Scripture – Mark 1:17 (context chapter 1:14-19)       

Is the cost of following Jesus – souls i.e. as you are going ‘disciple’? Do we need to re-align with God’s primary purpose exampled in Christ so that our prayer for provision has ‘meaning’; beyond the FACT of His grace?

DAY TWENTY-SIX (Friday 26th July 2019)            

Scripture – Psalm 34:17-22 (context is whole of Psalm 34) 

Verses 18-20 have treasure to meditate upon. Pray this for others.

DAY TWENTY-SEVEN (Saturday 27th July 2019)   

Scripture – Matthew 25:21 (context is whole of chapter 25)   

Here’s a verse of meaning amidst a bunch of stories that Jesus tells to illustrate the core issue. What are our small responsibilities? What can we be more faithful in? Are we ready for breakthrough and provision?

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT (Sunday 28th July 2019)       

Scripture – Philippians 4:19 (context is whole of chapter 4) 

Prayerfully read a classic scripture for fresh revelation about verse 19.

DAY TWENTY-NINE (Monday 29th July 2019)   

Scripture – Proverbs 3:9-10 (context whole of chapter 3)          

Spend some time reading and praying through this insightful Proverb. Verses 5 and 6 probably give summary but there is so much here for our focus. Let’s see what God is saying to us this week.

DAY THIRTY (Tuesday 30th July 2019)                              

Scripture – Luke 12:34 (context is Chapter 12:1-48)             

Luke’s version of ‘Seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness’ (cf. Matt. 6). Engage your heart with the chapter. There’s a challenge here for sure.

DAY THIRTY-ONE (Wednesday 31st July 2019)   

Scripture – Deuteronomy 28:12 (context is Chapter 28:1-14)  

This is an original covenant scripture. Seek clarity for the ‘here and now’. Holy Spirit, counsel us about ‘obedience & discipline’ in the new covenant.

DAY THIRTY-TWO (Thursday 1st August 2019)                     

Scripture – Isaiah 53: 4-6 (context is whole of Chapter 53)   

There are some significant keys to breakthrough and provision here. Lord, we want to see YOUR truth through YOUR eyes. We ARE healed!!

DAY THIRTY-THREE (Friday 2nd August 2019)                       

Scripture – 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 (context is whole of Chapter 9)    

The quintessential passage about giving, often quoted out of context. Pray for fresh revelation. Perhaps these verses should always be read starting verse 5 and ending verse 11?

DAY THIRTY-FOUR (Saturday 3rd August 2019)    

Scripture – Psalm 121 (all the context we need)    

Do we lift our eyes far enough or do we get distracted on the way?

DAY THIRTY-FIVE (Sunday 4th August 2019)     

Scripture – Matthew 11:28-30 (context from Chapter 11:25)  

Finish this week in the lap of the Son of God; seeking wisdom and fresh alignment. The yoke might be on us?


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