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Contact us to see how we can help you and your ministry.  Our passion is to support local mission and ministry endeavors. 

What do we do? Here are some of our current support endeavours:

  • Corrimal Community Church – since 2016 we have been supporting a replant of this church in their neighbourhood in the northern Wollongong NSW area.   Graeme Hush has been leading the team there to reconnect with their neighbourhood, train members in mission development and seek God with them to bring the Kingdom of heaven to this area.  To keep up to date with this partnership visit Corrimal Community Church
  • Northern Illawarra Scripture Board – Graeme became a member of this board and is currently Chair (2020), which brings churches in the northern Wollongong region together under one umbrella to raise funds and support for SRE teachers to schools here.  This is a very exciting and crucial ministry and close to Graeme’s heart, bringing our God of hope to these schools. 
  • Port Kembla Baptist Church – Corrimal Community Church has long supported other Church’s around the greater Illawarra region. Through Heartland we were able to send Gordon to PKBC to support them when they needed a senior Minister, now he’s there on a permanent basis.   Other Heartland team members regularly join Gordon in his ministry to PKBC.
  • Music and Production – our team members are trained musicians, we love to support churches and ministries, or even you personally, with music resources.  We have published several of our own studio albums over the years, plus have many years experience performing and conducting music and worship workshops.   Visit our store or Graeme’s own music page for what we can do, or talk to us about how we could help you.   As at 2020 we released Graeme’s new album, Better Now, launched a Podcast, and we are exciting to be starting production on a new album for a singer/songwriter in the Wollongong area.
  • Fundraising for great causes –  we’ve been happy to partner with various charities to raise funds and awareness for their causes.  Who can forget Graeme’s 6 Hour Backward Walk or his 24 Hour Drum-a-Thon or 24 Hour Table Tennis Marathon – all to raise funds for groups like Saving Chloe Saxby and research in to this hideous disease Vanishing White Matter Disease, and also NEHI and Otahara Syndrome.  Our next effort in 2020 is to launch Graeme’s new album, Better Now, as the feature act for CCC’s Annual Fundraiser to these causes.

  To find out how we might be able to support you, please get in touch!