Welcome to HLM's online store. Every now and then we produce products that we think you will enjoy, and that contribute to the ongoing work of HLM's ministries. Thank you for yours support!

Music Productions

Music by Graeme Hush and Gordon Barr

Graeme Hush

100% of all Graeme Hush's music is produced by, for and on behalf of Heartland Ministries Inc. While Graeme Hush as songwriter and participating songwriters on his album projects own their respective songwriter copyrights, production and sale of Graeme's albums in CD, Digital Download or Streaming formats is for and on behalf of the ongoing work of Heartland Ministries Inc. Thank you for your support!

Gordon Barr

HLM has been delighted to support our associate Minister, Gordon Barr, with some of his music projects. All proceeds of sales of Gordon's music go directly to Gordon Barr, no funds from sales are retained by HLM.