Praying for Breakthrough & Provision for ‘The HOPE Project’  

DAY FIFTEEN (Monday 15th July 2019)

Scripture – Revelation 21:3 (context chapters 19 – 22)

Keep the coordinates of God’s Primary Purpose and end game in view as you seek clarity about what we invest in – and seek God’s provision for.

DAY SIXTEEN (Tuesday 16th July 2019)

Scripture – Exodus 23:25-26 (context is chapter 23: 20-33)

Seek God and look for His messenger. There is a plan forged in the heavenlies already in the battles for ‘big picture’ salvation. Be aware of looking more like the world we inhabit than the kingdom we represent.

DAY SEVENTEEN (Wednesday 17th July 2019)

Scripture – James 5:13-16 (context is whole of chapter 5)

Is God our last resort? James indicates some other things that are important if we are to receive answers from heaven. Let’s engage.

DAY EIGHTEEN (Thursday 18th July 2019)

Scripture – Matthew 23:23-24 (context whole of chapter 23)

Jesus is concerned about substance and not cosmetics. Hypocrisy is a barrier to breakthrough and provision. Use this reflection to re-align with what Jesus believes is important. There’s a lot beneath the surface.

DAY NINETEEN (Friday 19th July 2019)

Scripture – Psalm 23 (context is verse 1)

An opportunity to sit in the lap of the Father and hear something fresh.

DAY TWENTY (Saturday 20th July 2019)

Scripture – Proverbs 4:20-23 (context is whole chapter)

Wisdom is a stand-alone platform for effective living and sustaining the course. A change of heart might be key to releasing the flow.

DAY TWENTY-ONE (Sunday 21st July 2019)

Scripture – Romans 13:8-10 (context is chapter 13:5-14)

Paying our debts might have more to do with ‘fulfilling the law’ than we first thought. Let’s pray and explore matters of conscience and submission


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