Praying for Breakthrough & Provision for ‘The HOPE Project’  

DAY EIGHT (Monday 8th July 2019)

Scripture – 2 Corinthians 8:9 (context chapter 8:1 – 15)

Paul discusses the sort of faith where extreme poverty wells up into rich generosity. All things are possible in and through Christ Jesus.

DAY NINE (Tuesday 9th July 2019)

Scripture – Psalm 24:1 (context is the whole of Psalm 24)

David is not worshiping as an owner but a steward, a custodian of the riches of Christ’s earth and heaven. The sovereign of a kingdom controls treasures beyond imagining BUT what about the King of GLORY.

DAY TEN (Wednesday 10th July 2019)

Scripture – Galatians 6:9 (context chapter 6:1-10)

Harvest is a powerful descriptor. First fruits can be crops, or souls, or consequences. We should prayerfully consider sowing and reaping.

DAY ELEVEN (Thursday 11th July 2019)

Scripture – John 6:12 (context chapter 6:1-15)

The miracle of the mass feeding is a familiar story of provision. We don’t often think about Jesus’ exhortation to his disciples about ‘waste’.

DAY TWELVE (Friday 12th July 2019)

Scripture – Malachi 3:10 (context is the whole of chapter 3)

This verse is taken out of context a lot. Acknowledging the specific nature of the ‘covenant’ relationship (in these Old Testament times), see if you can find something more in this prophecy. Are verses 5, 16 & 17 useful?

DAY THIRTEEN (Saturday 13th July 2019)

Scripture – Acts 4:30-31 (context is Acts 4:23-37)

There’s a lot to press into here. The context for ‘the order of things’ is crucial.

DAY FOURTEEN (Sunday 14th July 2019)

Scripture – Exodus 23:25-26 (context is chapter 23:19-33)

Listen carefully and pray accordingly – a season of transformation awaits.



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