Praying for Breakthrough & Provision for ‘The HOPE Project’  

DAY THIRTY-SIX (Monday 5th August 2019)

Scripture – Proverbs 19:17 (there is some context in chapter 19:20-23)

A slightly different angle on a common theme. What we do we do unto the Lord. You can reflect on a bigger picture version of this huge kingdom concept later this week on Day 39.

DAY THIRTY-SEVEN (Tuesday 6th August 2019)

Scripture – Luke 6:38 (context is Chapter 6:27-38)

Give – Give – Give … The Kingdom of Heaven recognises the propensity of the human condition to always gauge what we give by what is hopefully received. God’s economy is primarily concerned with the attitude of the giver. Let’s press into God’s heart for more clarity about this.

DAY THIRTY-EIGHT (Wednesday 7th August 2019)

Scripture – Psalm 41:4 (context is Chapter 41:1-6)

The Lord is merciful to the cry of the genuinely desperate heart. He is our sustenance, our portion, our FULLNESS.

DAY THIRTY-NINE (Thursday 8th August 2019)

Scripture – Matthew 25:31-46 (context is whole of Chapter 25)

Developing the idea espoused by the book of wisdom on Day 36. At other times during these 40 days you will have sought fresh revelation about these core kingdom values. Let’s open ourselves up to receive more.

DAY FORTY (Friday 9th August 2019)

Scripture – Isaiah 40:29 (context is whole of Chapter 40)

There is no one like the Lord. As we complete these 40 days of prayer and fasting for breakthrough and provision, let’s allow the Holy Spirit to bring to our memories, the key revelations that have led and will lead to life transforming action; both for us and all around us. Isaiah 40 gives us an excellent final reference point as we reflect on our daily stuff in the context of eternity.  Our hopes and prayers are that this last 6 weeks has been a watershed for your personal and our corporate journeys.

To God be the Glory!!


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