Welcome To our visitors and to all who call the Corrimal Community Church family home, whether locally or across the region/nation. Let’s celebrate God’s goodness and love together. If you are present with us, please stay for a chat and a cuppa if that’s possible for you.

Crafty Ladies a Christmas Treat

Under the experienced tutelage of Sharon & Heather, a bunch of gifts and Christmas treats were assembled over a couple of hours of focused effort last Sunday afternoon. The neighbourhood will benefit we are sure. Thanks to all who engaged in this opportunity to share and get to know each other using a different common interest than we do usually.

His Banner Over Us! 

Thanks to John Mac’s terrific and colourful design, John P’s tenacity with all things ‘Bunnings’ and Karen’s knowledge having recently graduated from knot tying university; the ‘Carols on the Lawn’ advertising banner has been fluttering around in the space at the forefront of the Hub Café landing for the last 7 days. It has survived, daily northeasters, a couple of regular storms and a once a decade westerly dust storm already BUT, didn’t survive Friday’s howler so we will re-attach it to the building shortly.       All this indifferent weather currently bodes well for a cracker weather day come the 9th December.  Tell your family and friends, this year’s Carols will be one not to miss! 

Sunday PM Meeting PILOT Explained

This 5.30pm gathering on Sunday evening’s until and including 2nd December has NOT been advertised to the public for a reason.

As part of the trial season of experimenting towards the establishment of ‘Communities of HOPE’ (which ANY gathering of our church family has the potential of being), Graeme has intentionally invited a cross-section of young adults that he has a rapport with, to give input into his Master of Ministry research project. The study is devised to explore and provide clarity to the empirical and anecdotal evidence regarding why tens of thousands of young Australian adults abandon their faith or at the very least become disinterested in ‘church’ each year.

You are welcome to attend during the pilot season and we are thankful for all encouragement and support BUT, if Graeme’s intended subjects find their way into the college room at the Hub on any one of the meeting nights, he might ask you to wander out to the prayer lounge to pray for what’s unfolding or at the very least ask you to be an observer so that he can gain maximum engagement with his target group. As is true for any of these trial season processes, we are so grateful to God for the prayer support of our church family members.

‘Creating Safer Spaces’ Workshop – A BIG THANK YOU!

So thankful to God that 17 of our Church Family who have indicated over the past few months that they believe God is stepping them up to ‘share the responsibility’ for serving and facilitating our mission effort, completed the required ‘Creating Safer Spaces’ workshop conducted by the wonderful Nadine from the Baptist Association at the Hub yesterday.

God has spoken to us clearly as a church of late, urging us to do and be all we can to provide ‘safer’ spaces for ANYONE to access our community entry points with confidence to seek a life transforming relationship with Jesus. So … thank you, for your commitment to help us BE HOPE for our neighbours.

This certification ALSO allows Graeme to now seek nominations for various leadership functions necessary to our church’s growth and development. The ‘Creating Safer Spaces’ workshop is a requirement for anyone who undertakes a ‘visible’ church servant leadership role and so Graeme will be approaching people from the workshop or from those who are currently in the process of becoming certified, to present a new team of leaders to the AGM in December. That nomination list will be finalized as soon as is possible and circulated prior to the meeting.

AGM Latest

Continuing to receive excellent feedback regarding the documents Graeme has prepared for the AGM on Sunday December 16th 11.30am.

The AGM documents have been provided for you to prayerfully consider what’s being put forward as a solid framework for developing a sustainable and reproducible mission work aligned with Jesus’ strategies for building His church.

PLEASE understand that as flexible and accommodating as we will try to be on the day of the meeting to ensure people have understood what’s being proposed, we will be fairly strict on the Q&A during discussions to ensure that the time isn’t taken up by questions that should have been dealt with by people simply reading the documents.

To ensure that your important question IS addressed, please DON’T WAIT until the meeting on the 16th to ask it. The documents will have been in circulation long enough for everyone to have had a chance to get reasonable clarity about any issue of concern.

This is an important meeting for our Church family so as a couple of our family members have done already; please grab a Proxy form from the information desk (i-desk) if you know that you won’t be available to attend the meeting. Fill it in and deliver it to Heather Rowles by COB Friday 14th December. Many thanks.

December is Christmas Month

This Christmas we are ramping up efforts to engage with MORE of our neighbourhood, so that as many as is possible for us will have the opportunity to hear and respond to the great good news of Christmas. We will provide info postcards & a letter drop.

The following is a listing of what will be on the schedule so that you can be in prayer and offer help if and when that is useful.     At the very least, please pray about who you might invite to one or more of the following and when God answers you, go ahead and let people know what’s happening and when.

‘Carols on the Lawn – Simply Christmas’

From 5.30pm – Sunday 9th December out in front of the Hub on Augusta Street. BBQ & refreshments followed by Kids/Family Time, Jolly Red Fellow and a whole lot of community singing and Christmas JOY with a growing number of talented friends lining up to help things along. NB: If you would like to be in a small Choir/Backing Vocal Chorus for a section of Carols on the night, PLEASE see Karen or Heather TODAY or ASAP.

PRE- Christmas Eve-ent for Families – ‘Just a Little Christmas’

5pm – 6pm Sunday 23rd December @ The Hub

Spread the news to Parents and Grand Parents. This will be a short but FUN, Christmas Drama & Music Hour designed with Kids in mind and to focus families on the true meaning of Christmas before the final frenzied shopping spree or holiday travel begins.

Late Christmas Eve Candle Light ‘Watch Night Service’

11pm til just after Midnight Monday 24th December @ The Hub

For those who like ‘Owl Time’ and would like to be worshipping the Saviour of the World as the clock chimes 12am on Christmas Morning. Acoustic, friendly and Contemplative

Christmas Day – ‘Worship the King of Heaven’

9am – 10am ‘Joy to the World’ Christmas Morning Service

10am til people stop dropping in – ‘Drop-In Christmas Morning Tea’ on the Augusta St Lawn

NB: ALL Christmas Events listed will conduct offerings to support ‘Be HOPE’ Christmas Projects facilitated by Baptist World Aid.

HOPE Sunday

During our weekly morning gathering next Sunday (2nd December), Graeme will present core values and specific goals for 2019, the first year of our 2 year mission campaign vision;  ‘Return Trek up the Unclimbed Peak’. These goals will be visionary AND practical and tangible so we can pray into each one and play our individual and corporate part in the journey.

We are hoping to hold ‘HOPE Sunday’ late each year BUT a little earlier than this year which has been affected by the process of working towards the 2018 AGM.

‘3 Bible Discussions about the True Meaning of Christmas’ What do you dislike most about Christmas? The queues at the shops, the traffic, the exchanging of presents that don’t fit?

The Wednesday Conversation will present THREE weeks of topical and contemporary biblical reflection and discussion on the real reason for the season. Based loosely on the extensive discussion programme known as ‘The Advent Conspiracy’, join Graeme at The Hub Café from 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Wednesdays 5th, 12th and 19th of December for some time to share a hot beverage (or water J) whilst prayerfully reflecting on the scriptural foundations for re-capturing Christmas as a festival that everyone can enjoy; whatever a person’s circumstances.

This discussion will be appropriate for seasoned biblical scholars AND those with no biblical knowledge.

So, come and join us for one session or all three. Let Graeme know if you’d like to come, and especially if you have a family member or friend who you’d like to bring along.

DON’T be put off by the day or time. IF you’d like to engage with this discussion and a morning during the week might work better for your circumstances, Graeme might hold a weekly repeat of the sessions if there is enough call for it.

NB: There will be NO ‘Wednesday Morning Coffee or Evening Conversation THIS WEDNESDAY 28th November.

Communities of HOPE Campaign Update for Prayer                                                                 

PLEASE pray for Graeme and Corrimal High School Scripture Teacher/Chaplain Leanne Begg tomorrow (Monday 26th) from 9.30am for an hour or so, wherever you are.

Leanne and Graeme have been asked to meet with CHS Principal Paul Roger in the aftermath of the significant Christian Community response of support the school has experienced either directly or through Leanne as Chaplain, since the fire gutted the School’s Industrial Arts building a few weekends ago.

Scripture delivery in the School will be on the agenda and there are a few timetabling issues that need to be addressed. There is also opportunity for discussion about anchoring a Community of HOPE approach to mission in and through the school (i.e. planting a church that Jesus builds with the students and teachers IN the context of school life) as a way for Jesus to be more represented and demonstrated in and through CHS. There is a lot of favour towards Leanne and what she represents and a number of CHS staff have also engaging meaningfully with Graeme in recent days, so much so that our Augusta Street facilities have been accepted as appropriate for school use when needed.

This is an important time as we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into a strong, consistent and more heaven looking relationship with Corrimal High School. Your prayer support is vital.

Here’s the Link to the home page for all that’s happening with the HUB, including Daily Prayer Points, Event Updates, Weekly Activities in or around the Hub, FAQ’s & General Info. & Weekly Sermon Summaries … https://www.corrimalcommunitychurch.com.au/blog