Welcome To our visitors and to all who call the Corrimal Community Church family home, whether locally or across the region/nation. Let’s celebrate God’s goodness and love together. If you are present with us, please stay for a chat and a cuppa if that’s possible for you.

2018 ‘Carols on the Lawn’ – a whole new chapter begins!

Firstly, thank you so much to the whole TEAM. We thank God for your efforts, time and commitment to making sure the event was even possible. It takes everyone to make occasions like this have the impact they have and last Sunday evening was a night to savour and remember.

The engagement with our neighbours reached a new level and conversations afterwards have opened some doors for the future. The consistent weekly connection and accessibility that we began intentionally just over 12 months ago is making a difference.

We’ll share some more detail about what’s being discussed in the New Year once we’ve consulted a little more BUT suffice it to say there is a lot of favour towards the church at present, and we can ONLY thank our Lord Jesus for that.

Our friends Amber, Dene, Meryl and Wayne from Canberra enjoyed themselves immensely as we indeed were thankful also for the offerings they brought of gifts and time.

Full wrap up and pics to come …

Our Christmas Gatherings are a Gift to You & Yours

This Christmas we are ramping up efforts to engage with MORE of our neighbourhood, so that as many as is possible for us will have the opportunity to hear and respond to the great good news of Christmas. The program is experimental – just to see what works!

The RED information postcards (art work produced by John Mac with our deepest gratitude), are available on the information desk for you to take a few and share them with family, friends and neighbours.

The following is a listing of what will be on the schedule so that you can be in prayer and offer help if and when that is useful.     At the very least, please pray about who you might invite to one or more of the following and when God answers you, go ahead and let people know what’s happening and when.

PRE- Christmas Eve-ent for Families – ‘Just a Little Christmas’

5pm – 6pm Sunday 23rd December @ The Hub

Spread the news to Parents and Grand Parents. This will be a short but FUN, Christmas Drama & Music Hour designed with Kids in mind and to focus families on the true meaning of Christmas before the final frenzied shopping spree or holiday travel begins. 

Late Christmas Eve Candle Light ‘Watch Night Service’

11pm til just after Midnight Monday 24th December @ The Hub

For those who like ‘Owl Time’ and would like to be worshipping the Saviour of the World as the clock chimes 12am on Christmas Morning. Acoustic, friendly and Contemplative 

Christmas Day – ‘Worship the King of Heaven’

9am – 10am ‘Joy to the World’ Christmas Morning Service

10am until people stop dropping in – ‘Drop-In Christmas Morning Tea’ on the Augusta St Lawn

NB: ALL Christmas Events listed will conduct offerings to support ‘Be HOPE’ Christmas Projects facilitated by Baptist World Aid. 

Wooohooo Wednesdays – Final Week for 2018

This Wednesday the 19th December will be the FINAL ‘Coffee’s On’ and ‘Wednesday Conversation’ for the year.

We’ll do Christmas Coffee (haha) from 7am until about 9.30am for anyone who would like to drop by.

At 5.30pm we will wrap up our conversation about the True Meaning of Christmas. 

Communities of HOPE Campaign Update

Karen and I acknowledge that Boxing Day (December 26th) is sometimes the family catch up day or just the kick back and recover whilst watching the MCG Cricket Test or the Yacht Race day.

We, however, are going to invite our new neighbours in Figtree to drop in sometime between 12 midday and 3pm on Boxing Day for a BBQ. It will be sort of a house warming and a ‘BE HOPE’ in the neighbourhood type of affair. We will eat, get to know each other, we might even bowl a couple of overs in the back yard or driveway (depending on pitch conditions), and come and go as we need to. No one might come or everyone, but we’ll have a go whatever the outcome.

If you don’t have other commitments and you would like to join with us on Boxing Day, please just let Karen or I know when you get a chance and we’ll work it all out in a relaxed fashion. 

Some 2019 GOALS from HOPE Sunday (2nd December 2018)

(aligned to the overall mission & key strategies)

  1. To become a PRAYING CHURCH (not just a church that has some pray-ers)             i. Establish ONE Prayer Partnership for EVERY Covenant Partner of the church                          ii. Establish ONE Strategic Prayer Partnership for EVERY Identified ‘Community of HOPE’ and/or Targeted Mission Sphere                                                                                                                  iii. Be known as a Church that Prays with legs under its prayers for Healing & other Kingdom of Heaven demos                                                                                                                                                iv. Launch ‘The Final Harvest Foundation’ Prayer Movement, initially for Scripture/Chaplaincy in schools                                                                                                                                                            v. Appoint a Strategic Prayer Co-ordinator to support & resource

There are TWO other areas of the mission

  1. To Become a ‘Missionary’ Discipling & Equipping Church and
  2. To Become a ‘Community Serving & Caring’ Church

We’ll publish the 2019 Goals for these areas of the mission Next Time

Here’s the Link to the home page for all that’s happening with the HUB, including Daily Prayer Points, Event Updates, Weekly Activities in or around the Hub, FAQ’s & General Info. & Weekly Sermon Summaries … https://www.corrimalcommunitychurch.com.au/blog