‘Shared Responsibility’ is a Foundational Value for Kingdom Advance

In this individualistic, ‘self’ focused world, the greatest force for change is undoubtedly an ‘other’ or collective focus to life’s many challenges. This is a huge issue topic and can’t possibly be addressed with any depth in a brief editorial comment like this, BUT I will attempt to share some thoughts that will hopefully stimulate discussion, prayer and action amongst us.

We have heard it said that the most successful change agent in world history is NOT a highly motivated individual but a highly motivated and energized small group of people. This is true right from heaven all the way to the ends of the earth. The Creator of Heaven and Earth operates as a dynamic triune entity, if for no other reason, to example how much impact a divine community or body can have; arguably exponentially beyond the impact of a static or flat single entity. Atoms or Cells only have impact when they start banging into each other. A single player in a football team can’t play all positions to get the right outcome. Even a singles tennis playing champion will tell you that they might be alone out on the court, but the more support they have in their team off court, the more effective their campaign. (You might even argue that it also has more impact if someone on the other side of the net is actually hitting the ball back- just saying.)

I have argued for years that the more people are engaged in sharing the responsibility for the kingdom advancing mission of their local church body, the more growth will occur, both for individuals AND the whole body. It IS a biblical principal AND it’s a logical and practical one. Even Jesus, who was already representing a community when He was sent to earth, engaged the partnership of close companions in order to multiply the outcomes of the task He was responsible for. Why we in the core of Christendom ever thought that paying a single person to be responsible for ministry to a community would ever be effective is beyond common sense and reason. Simply stated, whether I have exceptional networking skills or not, if I equip 12 other people well to a level of mediocrity, the outcome will be exponentially increased beyond my ‘lone ranger’ approach. The Bible’s focus on ONE Body with MANY parts is THE BEST PRACTICE strategy for any attempt at increased growth; whether in multiplied numbers OR multiplied benefits for a few.

So far, 26 of our church family have either signed a task sheet or indicated via other means that they believe the Holy Spirit is ‘nudging’ them to make themselves available in some specific way or ways to ‘share the responsibility’ for this mission that we’ve been called by God to pursue. This simple process has shifted us from a potential mission field of 200 or 300 to see and engage a potential harvest of more like a 2000 to 3000. You see, to us as individuals, that number might be overwhelming but as a body, sharing responsibility, it will end up being an impact minimum. Let’s remain committed to building the sort of support framework that will ensure that God can unleash the full kingdom influence that we represent TOGETHER. More soon ……

THIS WEEK’S Base Camp Essentials! 

Corporate PrayerJoin us in the Prayer Lounge, 5.30-6.30pm Tuesdays OR email/text/phone things you are hearing from God about the HOPE Project, so we can share in prayer TOGETHER and record what God shows us in an accessible way for all. You might find the weekly HOPE project prayer diary a helpful guide. PRAYING AS ONE, is key life support for ‘Base Camp’.

Positioning (gifts and anointing apportioned by Christ) – Please continue to sign up on the task list sheets that have been available at our meetings and online. We’ll leave the sheets out until the Special Church Family Meeting, 11.30am, Sunday 27th May at which point we’ll wrap up the first phase of the NEW leadership development process and activate some important new realities. We will provide some more information SOON to help you pre-prayer for the meeting. REMEMBER – this is simply a response to God’s call to our church to ‘move on’. Its’ God’s plan so we DON’T want names on bits of paper as some sort of skills inventory. We are looking for responses that reflect how the Holy Spirit is nudging you, whether you understand why or not. We want God to shape something He’s looking for, something Jesus can build, based upon what has been revealed to US.

Observe Graeme Practising Kingdom Conversations – This Wednesday from 5.30pm for 45-60mins will be the FINAL (for now) of THREE opportunities to respond to the questions our neighbours MIGHT have. We have invited the residents of Augusta Street, particularly, those who have been engaging with us since we opened the ‘Hub Café Space’ out on street side of the facility for coffee, chatting and general neighbour type connecting late last year. We believe God is challenging us as part of this Base Camp season, to make time available to go deeper with those who would like to. In a time of equipping, the disciples observed Jesus’ work first before assisting towards them doing.

Each Sunday Morning Gathering in May – will explore a revelation from God’s word about provisional needs at Base Camp as we practice for the imminent climb. So, let’s together, bolster support and trust between us. It’s LUNCH this Sunday (20th) so bring some food and someone to share it with. ALL WELCOME!

Interest Shown BUT We need to Pray for more clarity from God!

Jono reports that there HAS been some interest shown in the 5pm weekly Saturday Recovery Support Group at Albion Park Community Centre. If you would like to help us with some seed funding (we’ve had to pay hire bonds etc…) please deposit your gift into Westpac Account, Heartland Ministries, BSB 032727, account number 203307 and identify your gift with the letters FTM or Jono, so we know how to account for it. Thank you. We primarily covet your prayer partnership and we need to press into Jesus right now.

A Summary of LAST week’s message for Prayer, Reflection & Response.

Signpost: See & Engage the Harvest

Series: ‘Welcome to HOPE Project Base Camp-already 60% of the way UP’  

Julie (6th May 2018)

(Reference Scriptures for context = Acts 10, Psalm 48, 127, Isaiah 14, Ezra 28, Micah 4, Habakkuk 3, John 12)

  1. Getting TO Base Camp requires Equipping. How did WE get here?
    1. Foundation Stones – we don’t discard them, they become our training back pack. We take them along.
    2. We moved from an exclusive to an inclusive vision
      1. ALL healed and delivered
      2. Represent & Demonstrate Jesus everywhere we are, not just in a church building
    3. We learned to measure EVERYTHING by Jesus
    4. We learned we are a company NOT an individual. We need every part and each part has a unique function to perform. We prefer each other
    5. We learned that church growth success is about the kingdom coming on earth AS IT IS in heaven OR the measurable increase of God’s rule NOT on the number of people at a church meeting or the dollars in the plate
    6. Learned to think relationally and NOT ritualistically – this shift crucial. Not about ticking duty boxes BUT entering into greater communion for increased power & resources
    7. We learned Kingdom NOT Tribe – we primarily serve and we give ourselves away for God’s kingdom to advance not for our kingdom to be built.
    8. We are built for God’s Primary Purpose not ours. A ship may be safe in a harbour BUT not what a ship is built for.
  2. Now at Base Camp – what do we need to know?
    1. Motivation – God has set us a difficult challenge but IN CHRIST we can trust we have all we need
      1. New skills required
      2. Adjustments and alignment necessary
      3. Mental assent anchors determination
      4. Team work vital
      5. Mistakes need to be made and learned from
      6. Eyes fixed on Christ’s Fullness (Summit and back)
      7. Leave behind the polluted world and breathe
      8. Ambassadors-Missionaries have to acclimatize for coming and going;
      9. The work begins IN us

2.  Preparation – the key life support is constant prayer

(See message summary 29 April for detailed prep guide)

3.  Transformation – As we climb higher, God is beckoning us closer

  1. God is calling us out of stagnancy
  2. We are His, born into covenant relationship
  3. God desires our increased yearning & intimacy
  4. His purpose will become clearer – we will see more of what God sees
  5. We will be ‘transfigured’, fragrant vessels

If God is building US into a church that looks and operates more like Jesus, then transformation IN us WILL bring reformation to our harvest field

Here’s the Link to the home page for all that’s happening at the HUB https://www.corrimalcommunitychurch.com.au/blog   

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