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EVENT DATE – 5.30pm Friday 27th to 5.30pm Saturday 28th July, 2018. Corrimal Community Church. is a fantastic Fundraising event for three beautiful children we are personally connected with who have rare childhood diseases.  Graeme Hush will play the church drum kit for 24 hours on July 27 & 28 2018 these three children:

1. ‘Saving Chloe Saxby’ @savingchloesaxby – Graeme made a commitment a couple of years ago to regularly raise awareness and funding support for beautiful Chloe and her amazing family and has so far conducted a 24-Hour Table Tennis Marathon in 2016, a 6 Hour Backwards Walk in 2017 and has gifted 50% of his Anthology CD Album sales since Christmas 2016. Chloe has an extremely rare condition called Vanishing White Matter Disease.

2. Beau McClinton suffers from Ohtahara Syndrome – a rare, drug resistant, uncontrolled form of epilepsy where Beau can experience up to 40 large seizures a day (i.e. 300 infantile spasms & about 7-10mins per seizure). Graeme describes his connection to little Beau, “I dedicated little Beau in a naming ceremony on his 1st birthday in February 2018. I feel very close to his extended family having facilitated seven life celebrations for them since 2009. “ Recognising the little fella’s uncertain future and knowing something of his family’s daily struggle, particularly parents Erin and Gezza, Graeme decided to add support for Beau to this year’s campaign.

3. Michael Bereznai suffers from a rare childhood lung deficiency known as Neuroendocrine Hyperplasia of Infancy (NEHI). NEHI was only classified in 2005 and there is currently no cure and very little known about the disease. It is characterised by rapid and difficult breathing, low levels of oxygen in the blood, and a high susceptibility to lung infections. Graeme says, “My wife Karen is a long-time friend of Michael’s extended family, having baby-sat Michael’s mum, Alex, and her siblings.” Michael had a life challenging condition with uncertain future health ramifications.
For Chloe, Beau and Michael, it takes a village to raise a child we are part of their village. This fund raiser is the very least we can do. Our hope is that, alongside greater awareness and much needed funds, the silliness of this event might also bring a smile to the families’ faces and some welcome relief.
Graeme’s 2016 ‘24 Hour Table Tennis Marathon’ partner, 30-year-old local youth leader Josh Rowles will be Graeme’s personal training consultant for the event as he has been previously, and the Corrimal Community Church support team will advertise a variety of fun and entertaining sub-events to occur, including promotion of particular hours that invited muso friends will perform so Graeme can support them on the drum kit AND times for other drummers to play along with him etc.

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