Welcome to our SPECIAL ‘Drumming Up Support-a-thon PRAYER-PERATION Edition

The following are as many of the points for prayer that we can think of for now.

We are desperate for this EVENT to be a significant catalyst for kingdom of heaven advancement, particularly in the neighbourhood of the Hub and the region that fans out from the Augusta Street East Corrimal NSW location; which includes ALL the relationships that God is and has been giving us favour towards developing.

As such, we need a strategic PRAYER TEAM to journey with us from now as we do the final preparations, throughout the event itself and in the aftermath for all that will be opened up by the Holy Spirit for follow up.

So, we thought if you had a representative listing of prayer needs, you could decide to join our front line prayer warriors for some time every day or at times that the Spirit leads you over the next 7 or 8 days. Thank you in advance for praying with us.


Here then is what we are praying for.

The Children

We are praying for Chloe, Beau, Michael and their families first and foremost and for longer than just this week.

Awareness & Fund Raising

We are praying for increased awareness and a flood of funds coming in to help these families (and others like them) and to increase the level of investment for research and the development of genuine responses to these rare conditions WHETHER WE ARE SUCCESSFUL AT OUR EVENT THIS COMING WEEKEND OR NOT.

The Researchers, Medical Professionals and Appropriate Government(s) Reps

We are praying for ALL people specifically linked to these needs, the work they are doing, their own health and well-being and all that they can pro-actively bring to the table

This Particular Event Effort – the 24 Hour Drum-a-thon

Health & Energy – for the WHOLE TEAM as it prepares all that needs to happen to stage this community visible local event; Graeme as he prepares his mind & body and for the musos and crew that will keep things rolling for way more than just 24 hours; particularly our point person Heather who needs our prayers currently.

Specifically measurable Greater Awareness and Fund Raising Success – we are building momentum with more people across our network than ever keen to understand what we are doing this for. So far we have raised a concrete $1K but still hoping & praying for $3K (i.e. $1K for each child) BEFORE we start at 5.30pm on Friday so we have a chance to reach our ultimate goal of $2K each. We are exhibiting        and delivering targeted promotion material to the whole neighbourhood early in    THIS week so your prayer that God will multiply the awareness and tangible          responses to it would help greatly and energize those doing the work.

Specifically measurable kingdom of heaven ON earth advance – that ALL the peripheral mini events (which have a team of people facilitating and preparing also), will not only yield more of the above awareness and funds raised BUT that they will   be strong and lasting examples of what SERVING the community as it should be served should look like i.e. with the heart and purpose of God that represents and demonstrates His kingdom come and His will being done. We are praying that people  who engage with the event (in any of the ways) will see MORE of Jesus and be drawn             to the transforming power of His good news for their lives and for all their loved  ones and connections.

Supporting Ligaments – in any event such as this, we are reliant on the honest effort of the Media in direct and genuine response to what we are seeking to achieve. We are thankful to God for helpful responses so far and ask our warriors to pray FOR   the lives and families of those working at ABC Illawarra, Pulse 941 FM, Illawarra Mercury, 1WayFM in Canberra, AND hopefully MORE who will respond shortly.   There have been and are interviews scheduled, and partnerships developing with    our own team of media and social media facilitators who will keep as wide a public eye as possible on proceedings from now til days after the event.

PLEASE pray for positive stuff to flow for all involved.

Ok, well that’s a starting point at least. We know as you pray, the Holy Spirit will add and develop what’s needed to see this shine to God’s glory. Thank so much for your partnership.

Final Reminders

Heather is the point person for all things being done in preparation for the event so if you’d like to be a TEAM player, PLEASE update Heather with anything you have had a go at OR provided OR completed OR have decided you WILL try and do, by emailing secretaryccc09@gmail.com . THANK YOU to all who have faithfully done that and still will!

Facebook Posts – @24HrDrumMadness … PLEASE keep inviting your connections to the page so they can be challenged and stay up to date. Thanks too for ‘SHARING’ important posts as we approach the event date AND during it.

Share with family, friends and neighbours

There are flyers available from the office that can help you with sharing, give you something to poke into the neighbours’ letter boxes or specifically designed ones to give any shop owners or managers you know – particularly highlighting ways to give us auctionable items / vouchers for the silent auction etc.

Corporate Sponsorship AND Silent Auction

Stocks for our Silent Auction are rising but there’s plenty of room for more.

ALL of us know people in local shops or businesses that we could inform about the drum-a-thon. IF you do OR would just like to wander around and visit a few for us, you can grab some sponsorship info specific flyers from the office OR just let them know what’s happening and give them the ways to respond that were listed in last week’s journal.

THANK YOU to ALL who have helped, are helping and in advance for any help, small or large, you can offer to help us still. IF YOU HAVE A RESPONSE TO ANYTHING LISTED ABOVE (OR ANY OTHER IDEA) PLEASE CONTACT HEATHER SO WE CAN RECORD & SUPPORT WHAT WE ARE DOING AS A TEAM

FINALLY here are the bank details for anyone you encounter who might like to donate

Westpac Account Named – Heartland Ministries BSB 032727     Account Number 203307 and we’d ask people to identify their deposit with their Name or Initials (or not if they’d like to be anonymous) and the word DRUM or if bank only accepts numbers; 4934.  

Shaping the Future – A Proposed Way Forward in the Aftermath of the Think Tank  

WE HAVE ARRIVED!! Please keep PRAYING with me as we finalize this step. Keep a look out for the document in your inboxes TODAY OR TOMORROW. I will also provide hard copies as an alternative that can be picked up during the week at the various happenings around the Hub including during the Drum-a-Thon next weekend and on Sunday.

A Summary of last Sunday’s messages for Prayer, Reflection & Response.

Signpost: See & Engage the Harvest  Series: ‘The HOPE Project Trek from Base Camp to Camp One’

Theme: ‘Tools for the Climb: ‘Church Planting IS the proper Theology of Evangelism in NT Part 4  – (studies in ‘the Church that Jesus builds’ by Brian Medway & Graeme Hush)                                  Reference Scriptures = Acts Chapters 1 to 9; 18; 26  

  1. The ESSENTIAL nature of the church is … A Body … NOT a Temple
  2. The ESSENTIAL function of the church is … To Withstand & Conquer the Gates of Hell
  3. The ESSENTIAL purpose of the church is … To advance God’s KINGDOM (Rule) on earth as it IS in heaven
  4. The ESSENTIAL strategy of the church is … To reproduce … Plant Churches / Communities of HOPE e. the body of Christ crashing down the gates of hell in the spheres of our involvement / influence, to advance the kingdom of heaven

Church Planting is the proper theology of evangelism in the New Testament so ……..

2 weeks ago we reflected on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 16 – 18

Where 2 or 3 come together in my name to use the keys to the kingdom, I will build my church and the gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL …

Where 2 or 3 are gathered ….. is Jesus strategy so we looked at Luke 10 as one example of how Jesus apprenticed disciples in this strategy.  Comment: Less daunting to share as 2 or 3 than 1.


  1. Vs 5-6 = declare peace to find peace … search for ONE other receptive person
  2. Vs 7-8 = respect, honour & love them where THEY are and for who THEY are
  3. Vs 9 = meet THEIR ‘others’ needs in Jesus’ name
  4. Vs 9 = when their hearts are soft and open to receive something from heaven, IMPART the                      kingdom gospel i.e. testify to what and why

Last week we started painting broad brush stroke pictures of some ‘Foundational Processes for being a Church Planting Church’  i.e. Some of the Strike Weapons & Strategies Jesus used:  

The Next Steps

  • Fellow workers who are involved in (traditional) church planting, usually train for a period of time before they launch out with a planting project. Missionaries also go through training and orientation before seeking to establish a ministry in a cross or other cultural sphere.
  • We are pioneering something here that needs the same sort of preparation. This is a ‘backyard missionary’ endeavour and the landscape is possibly tougher than most, simply because the ‘other’ kingdom’s main weapons are ‘you have plenty of time to get around to it’, ‘aren’t you worried about being ostracized by your family and friends’, ‘why would you think you can make a difference’ and so on.
  • Things that build apathy or a general malaise are the enemy
  • Intentional preparation and equipping is a key to arresting this black hole of response to our own spheres of opportunity
  • As a church we are forging a commitment to this process that will see us begin to give a more serious commitment of time, money and resources to enable projects to be planned, equipped, resourced and supported well.
  • We are talking about a long term lifestyle commitment. It deserves all the support we can give, at every stage:  such is a pioneering missional journey

Getting an Idea of How Jesus Built the Early Church

  • It’s a bit hard doing a Bible study on nine chapters of the Bible,  but the idea is to try and get the pattern of how the first church was built.  Jesus said he would build a church and Acts 1-9 tells the story of that in the context of the first century.


  • We read slabs of the bible IN CONTEXT with the question we need answered. In the case of interpreting ‘Church Planting is the Proper theology of evangelism in the NT’ for our every day scenarios, we need to read appropriate sections of God’s word to see if we can find a framework of ‘principles’ for how things happened that we can plonk in the middle of our spheres of involvement and influence, so Jesus can build His church.
  • We have been given this record in Acts because of the revelatory principles it contains, not because of the methods.
  • A method is for a particular place and time,  a principle can be applied in every place and time:   E.g.  The synagogue strategy

Method: Paul visited synagogues all over the Mediterranean world as a first port of call in establishing churches.

Principle: The early church sought clarity from the Lord in prayer and with a singleness of heart and mind, they continued to bear witness to Jesus in the places that were central to everyday life where they were.

  • If you ask why Paul did that, there will be a theological reason (cf. Romans 1:16) but Jesus doesn’t want us to pontificate on Theology for more time than is necessary (beware the battle); His practical pursuit of His purpose as recorded in the gospels indicates (whenever the Pharisees wanted to argue theology, Jesus would challenge them about their lifestyle and its irrelevance for representing and demonstrating the Kingdom of heaven ON earth.
  • The strategic principle undergirding Paul’s method is the revelation Jesus needs us to dwell in. Paul had access as a Rabbi and a Pharisee to preach / declare truth in synagogues, so they were access points for kingdom advance in a new region.
  • E.g. in Acts 18, Paul is instructed by God to preach in the synagogue at Corinth. Long story short, after the Jews became abusive, Paul left the synagogue and set up next door. This is an example of the method being underlined by a principle that the Holy Spirit wants us to TRUST IN. Whilst in the synagogue, Crispus the synagogue leader was never going to hand his life over to Jesus but when Paul went next door that’s what happened. The church was founded and Paul stayed there equipping and nurturing for about 18 months.
  • Why do I position myself in a way that is accessible to couples who DON’T have a relationship with a church but want a minister to marry them?  Because marriage is a ‘cultural centre’ for people with or without a Christian world view.
  • Why do I take on the chairmanship of the Combined churches scripture board? Because there are a couple of ‘cultural centres’ that I can represent and demonstrate the kingdom of heaven to. Firstly, churches working together like this is a massive cultural centre and being able to bring some heaven into this sphere is an awesome privilege and achieves the weekly presentation of the gospel to government high schools. Secondly, I am welcome to just turn up and relate with THREE High Schools by virtue of my function on the Board.
  • Why do I walk backwards or play drums for 24 hours? Because there is a cultural misnomer about ministers and churches and what they are expected to do (or act like) when it comes to putting ‘others’ first.
  • It’s hardly ever, maybe never, the method BUT It’s the principle drawn from the method that Jesus can build His church on

Acts 1 to 9 – here’s a few examples I listed

Reference Method Principle
Acts 1:4 Going to the Upper Room In ONE accord, unconditionally wait on

God for the fulfilment of his purpose/promise

Acts 2:4 Together in ONE place Prioritize what lead to Holy Spirit

Empowerment for the task

Acts 3:6 Withheld a monetary gift to offer

Healing & took the lame man’s right


Address the perceived need with

Kingdom of God truth& in Christ’s

Authority administer healing

Acts 4:34-37 Believers sold personal property

and brought the whole amount for

ALL to share as needed

Submit to God’s ownership &

Provision and trust in the blessings &

needs being met

Acts 5:41-42 Apostles being imprisoned as a

way to witness

Whatever God instructs you to

Declare kingdom truth, KEEP ON DOING


Acts 6:1-6 Choose seven disciples full of the

Holy Spirit & wisdom to serve the


Seek the Holy Spirit’s leading for ALL leadership needs and, allow those

working with you to see the hand of

God in the decision making process

so the kingdom advances & the glory

goes to God


Acts 8: 4-8;


Preach the kingdom from village

to village

Faithfully follow your call

(cf Paul Acts 26:19-20) & listen to the

Holy Spirit’s leading & act

  • You get the idea …… read the method and apply the principle
  • A clear way to do that is by using your identified sphere of involvement / influence as the template or canvas
  • The task of building a sense of what is strategic for your sphere will be best served by making careful observation about what is and isn’t happening in that sphere.  Think about how Jesus looked at his sphere and what he picked out to focus on & apply in your sphere

More soon about the strategic function of Base Camp (Sunday Church) in the context of the climb beyond Camp One (mission to the spheres of our back yards) 

Some review questions you can use to equip or sharpen each other as you engage these tools in kingdom conversations in YOUR spheres of involvement OR patches; ON earth as in heaven.

  1. In your time of prayer, keep praying for your own spheres of influence as per last few weeks.
  2. Review and action in your sphere(s) (if possible) things that have been revealed to you as you’ve reflected on each message recently.
  3. As Graeme suggested on Sunday, read through the first 9 chapters of Acts. Maybe draw a           table like the one above and when you read what you think is a method that Jesus used to            build the church, note it down and then discern by the Holy Spirit what you believe the applicable principle is, particularly in reference to the sphere of involvement / influence that      you have identified in your everyday life.
  4. Keep committing your discoveries to prayer and if you have someone you can journey this with, make time to have a cuppa together, pray, share, plan …. Enjoy!

Here’s the Link to the home page for all that’s happening at the HUB https://www.corrimalcommunitychurch.com.au/blog