The Mountain Mission Motivation Month of May …. NO – Just Kidding

Even though it’s tempting to sloganize this coming month, we have a clear vision (‘Time to Climb!’) and umbrella project (‘The HOPE Project’) before us and we simply need to acknowledge that May is an important acclimatization season for us as we establish the basics for achieving the next section of the summit climb towards completion of the God’s primary purpose.

THIS WEEK’S Base Camp Essentials! 

Corporate PrayerPray intimately IN Christ and strategically for our preparation and practice. We will continue to use Tuesday evenings from 5.30pm to 6.30pm as an anchor. Join us in the Prayer Lounge OR email/text/phone things you are hearing from God about the HOPE Project, so we can share in prayer TOGETHER and record what God shows us in an accessible way for all. You might find the weekly HOPE project prayer diary a helpful guide. PRAYING AS ONE, is key life support for ‘Base Camp’.

Positioning (gifts and anointing apportioned by Christ) – We are looking to wrap up the first wave of church family response to signing up on the task list sheets that have been available at our meetings and online. REMEMBER – this is simply a response to God’s call to our church to ‘move on’. Its’ God’s plan so we DON’T want names on bits of paper as some sort of skills inventory. We are looking for responses that reflect how the Holy Spirit is nudging you, whether you understand why or not; whether you have the skills or learning or experience or not. We want God to shape something He’s looking for, something Jesus can build, based upon what has been revealed to you AND to us together.

Observe Graeme Practising Kingdom Conversations – This Wednesday from 5.30pm for 45-60mins flags the first of a pilot of THREE opportunities to respond to the questions our neighbours MIGHT have. We have invited the residents of Augusta Street, particularly, those who have been engaging with us since we opened the ‘Hub Café Space’ out on street side of the facility for coffee, chatting and general neighbour type connecting late last year. We believe God is challenging us as part of this Base Camp season, to make time available to go deeper with those who would like to. In a time of equipping, the disciples observed Jesus’ work first before assisting, then doing with His help then just doing.

This 3-week pilot is one of many opportunities to follow, where a supportive, accessible equipping process will be available. Just contact Graeme if you are interested in being involved.

Each Sunday Morning Gathering in May – will explore a revelation from God’s word about provisional needs at Base Camp as we practice for the imminent climb. So, let’s journey this together so we can bolster support and trust between us. Join us on Sunday to partner with one of our new mission responsibilities. We will share communion and morning tea.

LAUNCHING the ’24 Hour Drumming Support-a-thon to Coincide with THIS Weekend’s ‘Walk for Chloe’ – @24HrDrumMadness

We have launched the campaign this week, seemingly early, but for two main reasons. Firstly, to give us an appropriate amount of time to utilize this opportunity for as much ‘summiting’ practice as it provides … stay tuned for more BUT more importantly for now, to coincide with this weekend’s ‘Walk for Chloe’ which our dear friends Sharon Sackett and her daughter Jennifer Thorson have been training for. They head down to Melbourne later this week and we travel with them, praying all the way for a successful awareness and fund-raising effort and for their health and well-being along with all those who will walk on Friday (4th) from Sorrento Pier near the mouth of Port Phillip Bay to Swanston Street in the CBD on Saturday (5th). To view updates and find more about how you can support the campaign prior to the July Drumming Madness, visit

God IS Moving In the South

Jonathan Edwards once said, “The responsibility of every generation is to find the move of God …. And be IN it”

As we all know, we have journeyed with Jono Hyratt over a few years now, believing that in partnership with this called bloke of God, we would find the ‘move of God’ that we could support him to be IN. We’ve felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit in certain directions over time; sometimes not stepping far enough and other times perhaps too far. In this Base Camp season, we are testing the waters by using the circumstances Jono finds himself in.

We believe God is in this, but we are committed to seeking the Spirit’s leading, so we ONLY go where Jesus is. The landscape is definitely still people who live, work and play in the motor cycle riding culture along with those struggling with addictions of all kinds, but the effort is focusing south where a lot of Jono’s relationships and ‘people of peace’ (cf. Luke 10) are situated

(albeit in some ways a reality that makes Jono kick and scream … more than usual ha-ha).

So, we have taken a faith step and hired a small meeting room at Albion Park Community Hall, 5-6.30pm Saturdays as a starting point for what he now calls ‘Serenity’ – a Christ Centred 12 Step recovery support group. This week Jono and some helpers will start promoting this in coffee shops around the area.

We at CCC have a responsibility to nurture, equip and release workers into the harvest and since the Baptist Church in Albion Park closed its doors at the end of last year (Jono’s parents were long time members), Gordon and I have felt strongly that God still wants to do something. Maybe not a ‘conventional’ looking church mission; rather something culturally specific for a ‘biker’ town.

We will faithfully support this journey and seek God’s clarity all the way. If something takes root, we will immediately seek an audience with other local churches so as to be and remain a responsible kingdom team member.

Meanwhile, if anyone would like to help us with some seed funding (we’ve had to pay hire bonds etc…) please deposit your gift into Westpac Account, Heartland Ministries, BSB 032727, account number 203307 and identify your gift with the letters FTM or Jono, so we know how to account for it. Thank you. We covet your prayer partnership.

A Summary of this week’s message for Prayer, Reflection & Response.

Signpost: See & Engage the Harvest

Series: ‘Welcome to HOPE Project Base Camp-already 60% of the way UP’

Week 2: ‘Base Camp Basics’

NB: It would be helpful to have last week’s summary handy for reference.

This week included ANZAC Day and a presentation on Saturday by our mate Craig Blanch about the ‘History of the Victoria Cross’. Thanks Craig!! These highlighted for me the imperative of ‘strategic warfare’ as opposed to hitting a beach head without knowledge or preparation or just reacting or defending and or holding ground – Jesus model is strategic …. No substitute for doing!

NB: WE want to attach the Mud Map we get from Matthew to the inside of our eyelids. You’ve heard it said, ‘so it becomes second nature’. I say no … so it becomes our FIRST nature and not relegated to our flawed human nature.

  1. Discern the Guiding Lessons from Preparatory Journey (Matt.3:1-12)
  • Check Info from the right source – Consistent Message (Vs 1 cf. 4:17)
  • Review Creative input – Living Written WORD a prophetic guide (Vs 3)
  • Be Teachable & Humble; Vessels aligned to God’s Kingdom (Vs 5- 12)
  1. Establish Appropriate Relationships (Matt.3:13-17)
  • Voluntarily Submit to Tour Guide – to God’s Authority (Vs 13-15)
  • No Experts; EVEN THE experts full of respect and awe – Consistent Message (Vs 14-15)
  • Play YOUR Role – know who you are & others are in the TEAM (Vs 16)
  1. Deal with Extrinsic & Intrinsic Demons (Matt. 4:1-11)
  • Anxiety & Fear through lack of genuine engagement leads to panic and bad decisions – Determine Source OF & Clear Access TO Provisions (Vs 1-4)
  • I am indispensable – An inflated view of my import, mistrust of anyone but ME, Danger of a Self-Focused Survival Mindset (Vs 5-7)
  • Short Cuts, Fast tracking, Competitive Edge or get the glory first, leads to death & incomplete rewards – Ignore the team, reject the authority, holding back commitment, false protectionism, hedging bets, lack of transparency/integrity (Vs 8-11) TRUST!!!!!!!
  1. Acclimatize – Normalize the NEW Atmosphere (Matt.4:12-22)
  • Accept the consequences of choosing NOT to engage Double-mindedness or serving two masters leads to incompletion – If God led us here ACCEPT that He has a plan for this position and for this moment / seek & trust the plan however uncomfortable (Vs 12-17)
  • All preparation training is for ALL summiting (to THEIR summit) & ALL returning safely – Focus EVERY Step on the End Game FOR THE TEAM / THE BODY (Vs 17 & 19)
  • Establish Close Journey Mateships – people who will miss you. The new normal needs company(ons) (Vs 18-22)
  1. Take a walk in the Park & Engage the Core Values that shape the Landscape & help you grow ON it (Matt. 4: 23 – 5: ff)
  • Outside of the tent is where the journey makes sense i.e. being normal in a NEW atmosphere requires context – Representing the authority & demonstrating its power happens on the track (Vs 23 ff)
  • GOING where the mountain IS makes lessons useful. GO!!! (Vs 22-23)
  • You don’t know why you need what you need until you are trying to breathe whilst hanging onto a ladder straddling an abyss (hard to simulate that feeling) My most successful Evangelism course was ending people into the battle before teaching. Probably even more successful if I’d apprenticed as we walked the battle like Jesus.

Here’s the Link to the home page for all that’s happening at the HUB