Palm Sunday 2018 and we Wrapped up March IS Moving Month

Thanks to the dozen or so positive feedback messages I received after yesterday morning’s gathering. I am really energized by this journey that the Holy Spirit has been and continues to lead us on. Over the weekend I was filled with compassion for the sheep around us who are harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. God has shared with me a plan for going from village to village (from sphere to sphere of my involvements and connections with these sheep as it were), inviting ALL who would like to engage this plan, to join me. We will make mistakes and things could get messy BUT, the harvest is plentiful, expectant and running out of patience. We have prepared, pre-prayered, so NOW is the time to GO.

God’s timing is best and we have faithfully walked towards this moment, waiting for the Holy Spirit’s power to be witnesses. On Saturday night at the wrap up Prayer, Praise and Worship event for the ‘National 40 Days of Prayer Relay’, I was asked by Warwick Marsh to share what God was saying to my heart and in that to share a vision Gordon Barr and I have had (with many others) in this region. More about that shortly, and I’ll let the summary of this week’s message fill in some gaps and add some supplementary reflections but for now, just to say that the afore mentioned plan is undergirded by prayer, strategic and constant prayer and as we heard the testimonies from churches across the Illawarra on Saturday night, we also testify to the move of God to equip His church for the harvest as a result of us being united in our request for the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers into the field.

As one arm (or a little toe) of Christ’s body, we believe that we have ALL we need to provide support for a campaign into the battle fields that God has given us responsibility for and so we will be faithful and GO. We are assured that as we step out in faith and cast that net into the parts of the sea that Jesus directs us to, the fish may bulge out of the net. In such an outcome, our Father in Heaven, whom we have to depend upon (like Jesus did) has promised to at THAT TIME, show us what we will need to disciple these fish and how those resources can be attained.

Thank you, Jesus, for the example, the promise AND the facilitating leadership to complete this Primary Purpose task. And so, we shout and quote Psalm 118 as it should be …     “Blessed in the name of the Lord, is He (Jesus) who comes. Hosanna (i.e. Please God save us now that the Messiah has broken through and walks among us).

Easter 2018 – Know Anyone You Could Invite OR Encourage to Come even if you can’t? We will continue advertising our Easter Services in the neighbourhood this week.

9am     Good Friday (March 30th)

10am   Easter Sunday (April 1st) – don’t forget; clocks BACK ONE HOUR Saturday night.

The Lord spoke to us on Sunday through our friend Michael and we joined hands and prayed for the impact of this coming Easter weekend in and through the lives of our neighbours and community, in a fresh and revelatory way.

Let’s pre-prayer for Easter. Be encouraged to write down 5 names of people that you are praying for God to reveal Himself to & change from the inside out by His Holy Spirit’s touch.

Don’t forget that as a part of this prayer-peration, ‘The Prayer Group with Legs for HOPE’ continues EACH and EVERY TUESDAY evening from 5.30 – 6.30pm. Our focus is Seeing (with Jesus’ Eyes) and Engaging (by the leading power of the Holy Spirit), the Harvest that God wants US to be responsible for. This will be the last Tuesday that also tracks WITH the ‘National 40 Day Prayer Relay’ but our focus is aligned with that. Julie and I believe that this group and time slot should continue after Easter so we can REMAIN INTENTIONALLY COMMITED to this call to strategic and corporate prayer and hopefully STEP THAT UP WITH THE ADDITION OF CALLED, STRATEGIC PRAYER WARRIORS in the weeks to come.

REMEMBER, if you can’t get there (and there is no obligation to this effect), text Graeme or call him during the hour of prayer on Tuesdays, on 0418 297 504 and let him know you would like to be a part of our corporate effort from wherever you are and we’ll journey it together the best we can.

A Summary of this week’s message for Prayer, Reflection, Response & Action

The Series is … ‘Cultivating the Culture of Heaven On Planet Earth’ Culture 9 (Part 4)

 ‘CHURCH LEADERSHIP – The Divine Dance Expressed on Earth AS IT IS in Heaven’

Our FOCUS Scriptures for today are Matthew 16:5-15, John 17 and Acts 2 as ever

(always worth a PRE -read for this context).

This is not a completely detailed outline   … over the next few weeks we will work hard at connecting the dots with more detail in this journal and reflection questions to keep stimulating YOUR input … NB: FOR A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF TODAY’S SUMMARY, YOU MAY NEED TO REFER TO THE LAST 3 WEEKS – I HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO RE-CAP IN THESE NOTES DUE TO SPACE

Last Week:

A Synopsis of the Shape of Functioning Church Leadership in the Church JESUS BUILDS …

This Week:

An outline of a framework for leadership development based upon all we’ve considered so far; starting with Jesus, aligning with the kingdom of heaven, learning lessons from the establishment of the first church and staying focused on SEEING & ENGAGING the HARVEST…

DO WE WANT TO SEE GROWTH? The following is a way …

Ensuring that we START WITH JESUS and align EVERYTHING with the Kingdom of Heaven:

The 1st things in Jesus’ earthly ministry are found in Matt. 4:17-20 & Mk.1:14-18   

“Repent/Turn Back/Align ….. The kingdom of Heaven is near”

“Come FOLLOW ME, and I will make you fishers of men”

Well, growth is not going to happen unless we all make it our priority i.e. prayer, intention AND action. That is, not just a few people but ALL of God’s missionaries; every believer is important & we are not alone or members of an exclusive club.

We are ALL to use the gifts apportioned to us in whatever ministry (service) God has assigned them to be used for.

We thank the Lord and honour the people of God who have led this church this far by His grace … through great times of growth and engagement with the community and the not so great times.


(Personal Testimony) Like Paul, I will NOT be disobedient to the vision that was given me from heaven. There is too much to talk about here but simply summarized, the calling on my life has at times been sabotaged BY ME and like Paul, as one of the chiefs of sinners, for whatever God’s reason, He has seen fit to redeem me by His grace alone (no one else’s) … I stand before you today a testimony to what God wants to do with each one of us no matter how far removed from God we stray or feel we have strayed. I am not trying to be something I’m not, just seeking to serve and be available to serve in whatever way fulfils God’s desire for my life. My prayer is that this rings true for you also.

Previously, God has used me to re-develop local church cultures (that Jesus has initiated) in such a way as to prioritize the facilitation, support and resourcing of workers in the harvest. It’s not always been pretty and I am ashamed of some of the things that have occurred on those occasions when my humanity and ego momentarily clouded God given discernment BUT by God’s grace (i.e. the empowering presence of Jesus), 4 local expressions of church have grown significantly and more importantly focused upon discipleship and commissioning equipped, approved workers to the harvest. You commissioned me here at a time when I had learned much and whilst kicking and screaming had become available for God to use to prepare His people in East Corrimal for the harvest work He has given us responsibility for. We have journeyed faithfully from the start, acknowledging that true mission starts with God, is led by the Holy Spirit and should look more and more like Jesus whilst all the while remaining committed to Jesus’ instruction to WAIT and not move forward in the mission until Jesus had shaped it and us, for it

NOW – I am moved with compassion towards helpless sheep (there have been visions & reminders as we have strategically and corporately prayed (e.g. this week Dan. 2:44-45) & so after Easter the plan God has given me is I am going to engage with the harvest AND invite EACH OF YOU to join me in ways safe AND appropriate FOR YOU.

FOR …. Nehemiah and Acts 2 and Romans 8-12 and 1 Corinthians 12-14 and Ephesians ALL tell us that we are ONE body. When in ONE accord we ALL have a part to play AND even though not everyone has the same part, EVERY PART is of equal importance and necessary to the task.

In the Nehemiah example;

ALL built the wall in front of their place – SOME helped Neighbours

SOME helped Regions OR a number of Areas – SOME helped Consult for the success of the Whole

A FEW saw and represented the Whole, and once the kingdom was restored/established, Nehemiah (like Jesus, like Paul, appointed ‘overseers’ to ensure stability, sustainability and reproducibility).

Nehemiah saw the whole field completed BUT as seemingly stand out important as that was, he voluntarily submitted his God given authority to those responsible for parts of the task that he couldn’t do. This is Mutual accountability and it is the foundation of spiritual health in the body

SO …. Like those who have gone before, we will do the work of ministry (focusing on OTHERS) and we will pray and seek the Holy Spirit’s discernment to see who steps up to serve, to see who is hungry to look more like Jesus by being obedient to Him and who exhibits the various callings (as mentioned before) on their lives AND ….  we WILL commission them.

We are the company & we trust God to show us what we already have & as such what we need.

Our Goal then: – is based upon all we’ve shared and Luke 15 (Please Read)

A fresh revelation I had when reading this chapter for the umpteenth time was simply that it does NOT matter if the environment, or demographic/societal circumstances or just one of those things results in a person becoming lost (Luke 15:1-7) NOR whether a person who is in the specific charge of another becomes lost (Luke 15:8-10) NOR whether the person themselves makes bad decisions and becomes lost (Luke 15:11-24); the fact of the matter is, ALL who become lost for whatever reason or whomever is to blame are equally loved by Father God and will be welcomed with joy however they return to Him. Whatever our human response to people’s circumstances, Jesus’ love is Holy i.e. it is indiscriminately redemptive and therefore simply loves US in our arrogance and accusation also – as though WE had never strayed (Luke 15:25-32).







Footnote: With regard to our current leadership needs I asked you for permission to operate in my apostolic function as though we were planting a new church with the company of people we have & then I sought your trust in Doug, Julie & I to oversee this transition to a new development process so as to effectively facilitate the goal above.

A Draft Brief Outline of a Leadership Development Process

(The words used are just descriptive and the arrows indicate 2-way interactivity & inclusiveness)

The Crowd Inclusive, Engaged Community Spheres

(Pre-disciples / Event Attendees / Unchurched Needs)


The Church – the body of Christ, Heaven’s embassy

(Fellow Workers being discipled INTO Christ and IN their spheres i.e.

Saints serving & supporting missionary activity)


Ministry Task Coordinators & Apprentices

(Fellow Workers being discipled to be ministers i.e. Saints Equipping Saints)


Mission Shepherds or Elders / Ministry Deacons or Managers

(Fellow Workers being discipled in apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral & teaching functions that cross cultural, cross sub-cultural and cross generational borders; together discerning strategic direction (Elders) & resource management & support (Deacons) for the whole mission. Responsible for Equipping Equippers of Saints. Appointed by Elders & Deacons & affirmed by the church when it’s good to them & the Holy Spirit)


Chief Serving Facilitators

(Fellow Workers who are serving the Elders & Deacons as the mission pioneering foundations of the church who keep us aligned with heaven and the harvest. The Equipping Mentors for the Mission. Appointed by Elders & Deacons & affirmed by the church when it’s good to them & Holy Spirit)


Kingdom Partners for Mutual Accountability

(Relational reference board of equipping ministries affirmed by church)


The Crowd Inclusive, Engaged Community Spheres

(Pre-disciples / Event Attendees / Unchurched Needs)


This Framework Requires ….

Work at both ends at the same time (100% Divine AND 100% Human – can’t be done without Jesus the Head/the Cornerstone)

BUT in a top down diagram, we prioritize the top and that’s what needs to happen so the top & bottom is the Harvest Field so we are not driven by anything other SELF NEED

The Equipping referred to acknowledges recognised gifts and skills and ALL who exhibit the FRUIT

Jesus used an apprentice model – so will we. We will apprentice UNTIL we can affirm ministries

Founded on power under NOT power over; service NOT position or status; ONEness NOT prejudicial unity; HOLINESS as described by the redemptive, indiscriminate love of Christ not by human reactive behaviour modification

This framework Maximises engagement of the whole church family which is defined by discipleship IN Christ and NOT by organizational ethics or popularity or politics or human government

(Members of the CCC Family, please look at the Supplementary Page after the end of the journal)

Here’s the Link to What’s Happening at the HUB this week

Here’s the Link to this week’s Prayer Diary for The HOPE Project

Here’s the Link to HOPE College, Student information & Application Process

Here’s the Link to Graeme’s Available Weekly Calendar Times


(Supplementary Page for IN HOUSE Journal – for prayer, reflection and action)

In light of this week’s scripture readings and message and whilst you are still praying about last week’s journal reflection and action questions; take a tour of the list of tasks below.

BEFORE YOU DO … please read the important notes that follow

  • They are in alphabetical order because ALL are of equal importance.
  • It’s NOT an exhaustive list and it is our hope that you might think of some yourself that we haven’t highlighted here.
  • Not ALL are currently functioning (or even will) but we are exploring what might be possible.
  • Each ‘incl.’ listing is NOT one person’s task but a part one person could play as part of the bigger team
  • Don’t think about whether you feel you have what’s needed to do any of them, or whether you have the time or whether you have the energy or health or whatever.
  • God knows what & how much you can bring so I encourage you to trust that He knows best for one task or a few.
  • ALL tasks will require an apprenticeship to a mentor and that’s part of the process.
  • Recognised Prior Learning/Experience will be considered and evaluated depending on the scope of the task responsibility BUT the priority for involvement will be Calling and a heart to serve Jesus & People (i.e. Full of the Holy Spirit & Wisdom)

Simply, make a note of anything that sparks an interest for you in your heart. Pray about it and share your nudging with someone. If you feel your interest becoming enthusiasm, let Graeme know ASAP.

NB: No response to any task will be considered a commitment, just an open door for shared prayer, discussion & exploration of possibilities. Bless you as you seek the Holy Spirit’s prompting

Administration Team    

(incl. Reception & Office Assistance, filing, document production & copying, personal assistants to mission facilitators, policy & procedure monitoring, secure storage and management of personal information e.g. directories & more)

After School Drop-In (High School Age and Up)

(incl. Hosting, Monitoring, Tutoring – life skills/school study & more)

Apostolic Activation Team

(incl. planting (chaplains) or assisting (ambassadors) the planting of Communities of HOPE (COH) within spheres of involvement & influence, mobilizing, resourcing and equipping the church’s missionary endeavour & more)

Audio Team

(incl. sound assistance and monitoring, PA set up & usage for a variety of functions, venues & more)

Café (Not-For-Profit) Team

(incl. coffee/tea making for guests, reception visitors & community drop-in hours & more)

Care Community Service Team

(incl. food shelf, providing community service e.g. JP/tutoring life skills, welfare when appropriate i.e. vouchers, meals, referral, monitoring community needs & suggesting & or initiating responses & more)

Care Pastoral Activation Team

(incl. in partnership with COH Planters monitoring people’s connection & engagement, care & prayer needs, shut-in – prayer, visit, beverage buddies, communion, meals & more)

Communication Team

(graphic design, promotion & marketing resources, media, social media & online presence & more)

Creche Team

(incl. baby support for parents, infant care (0-5), story reading, toy & room monitors & more)

Custodial Team

(incl. lawns, garden, bins, facility cleaning & security, maintenance, event set up/pull down & more)


(One to One teaching/apprenticing in the Christian Life, One to Small Group Tutoring, Bible Study Leading, life skills imparting & more)

Evangelistic Activation Team

(incl. exhorting people to receive Christ as saviour & Lord and working with COH Planters/Disciplers to establish people in their faith, develop and implement resources to encourage witnessing and support mission efforts, healing ministry & assignments in partnership with Prophetic AT & more)

First Aid Team

(incl. St John’s Qualified, Kit Monitor, Support Persons for events & more)

Hospitality Team

(incl. Sunday Morning Tea or Lunch Facilitation, Event Catering Coordination, Kitchen Usage & Clean & more)

Lighting Team

(incl. lighting design for worship services or events & more)


(incl. facility development aligned to the mission, projects, facility hire, financial development, stewardship & accounting, insurance, Manuals management, HR & WHS policies & procedures, association & more)

Merchandise / Sales

(incl. establish & present a small sales opportunity (books, music, AV resources aligned with & produced from our mission) etc, that can be available during meetings/event & more)

Prayer (Strategic) Team

(incl. prayer support for all activation and or targeted mission teams at various times, prayer partners with individual Ministers or teams, monitoring prayer lounge & resources, prayer care, healing prayer & more)

Preaching / Teaching Activation Team

(incl. sermons or specialist leading in worship services or events, kingdom serving speaking invitations, College Tutoring/workshop presenting, equipping trainers, general student support, Library Development & more)

Prophetic Activation Team                                                                   

(incl. bringing words of challenge and encouragement from God to worship services & events in appropriate and accountable ways, recording and monitoring prophecies for appropriate use, developing and implementing resources and processes to support and equip the prophetic & more)

Safety Team (For Safer People & Safer Activities)

(incl. WHS Qualified, Fire, Protection Policy & Procedure Implementation, Resource Persons for safe people & activities monitoring, coordinating security & more)

Targeted Mission Teams (HOPE Taskforces)

(Just registering your interest in working with a particular group e.g. children, youth, young adults, mature aged, families, men, women, vulnerable or disadvantaged needs, or target mission to sub-cultures or spheres of your involvement that lead to ‘Communities of HOPE’ & more)

Visual Media Team

(incl. projection, TV, media & more)

Welcome / Host Team

(incl. ushers, stewards, info. & referral, monitoring gaps in care, communion preparation & more)

Worship Facilitation Team (services / events / COH’s)                                                             

(incl. musicians, worship service leaders, readers, performing arts, choir, prayer leaders & more)

Let’s Chat & Pray