The HOPE Project – Full Throttle Ahead

October has arrived and so it seems has the media bus. In the current climate, media reporting on ‘Christian’ ideas, efforts and campaigns is less than positive to say the least but in the midst of it all we stepped out in faith. We thank God that our local newspaper reported positively about this coming Sunday’s pilot ‘Biker’s Chapel’ event to be held at the Hub starting at 5pm with a BBQ, followed by an introduction of Jono Hyratt and our aims, prayers of commission and a testimony of God’s mercy and empowering presence as Jono shares how God is transforming his life into something that carries heaven on earth.

The article, seen firstly in electronic form on Tuesday evening, appeared in the paper on Wednesday and will also appear in the local advertiser during the coming days. The story of Jono Hyratt’s ongoing redemption understandably captures the interest and imagination of people like journalists who are often looking to present the dramatic in order to be quoted by others or achieve retweets across cyber-space BUT the truth that Jono would concur with is that telling HIS life transforming story is not about him. Everyone’s testimony of God’s mercy and forgiveness in and through their lives is a parable worth telling, re-telling and indeed worth shouting from a mountain top. We here at CCC are committed to building the narrative of how Jesus is building His church as God is allowed to work in people’s hearts.

Have a read of the article if you get a chance. Ask Jono to tell you how God’s hand was in the process towards the interview. Please pray for kingdom of heaven processes and outcomes as we step up to the plate and test the revelation we have received.

Restoring the Hearts of the Children to their Fathers, Mothers AND Aunties

Whilst we are busy testing doors in the schools around our immediate geographical location, our very own Christine has been journeying in a special relationship that has developed as an outworking of her consistent availability to represent Jesus as she lovingly supports the school that children in her own family attend.

If you have ever wondered if becoming involved in your local school community could be a missionary endeavour, the fact that after some considerable time of being committed to supporting her family at school, lending a helping hand when invited to help other kids as well as teachers and other families, Christine Newman is now regarded by Koonawarra Public School as an Aunty to the school family.

This level of trust in a relationship doesn’t happen overnight and if Christine’s story indicates anything, it’s that to have genuine impact for Jesus in Australian society you need to follow through on what God reveals to you and in faith and with wisdom, proceed only as God directs.

If you see a local school as an island and if you go to that island as a missionary, what are the minimum things you will need? You will need an intimate relationship with Jesus in order to access the right and best resources. You will need to be sure God is sending you. You will need to learn some of the language and understand and respect the culture and so on.

The season we are entering into is informed by Malachi 4 and in particular verses 5 and 6.

If you are in some way connected to a local school, why don’t you let us know so we can have a think tank and pray together strategically to hear from God and see what He might be preparing for us to do? There are some exciting things in the wind but let’s not sit back when we can be praying for Christine, for our wonderful scripture teachers and for God’s favour as we seek to intentionally engage with Corrimal East Public and Corrimal High Schools.

Our Local Heroes are there for Us; who is there for them!

Well, even though the best laid plans of mice and men didn’t eventuate the way we thought they would last week at the Dedication Morning for Fire Officers and Volunteers at the Illawarra Fire HQ. Due to extreme weather and high alerts, our involvement was reduced to supporting Tim BUT the service and fellowship afterwards was not only well received by those who could attend, but it also opened definite doors for both future dedication events AND for possible chaplaincy engagement with our region’s fire fighters.

Our intern, associate minister Tim Hall is a fiery with nearly 20 years’ experience. He has also worked as a policeman. It has been a real joy to be able to develop ideas that God has opened up to us which have resulted in simple but significant opportunities to serve and bless those who so often selflessly serve us.

Please pray with us as we work on these open pathways for kingdom representation and demonstration as well as praying for Tim and Sharon as they seek the God preferred path for chaplaincy in one of these fields of community service, including the possibility that it might be with the defence forces.

Mark Chapter FIVE (What did Jesus actually DO?)

  1. Jesus intentionally crossed the lake. He listened to God and WENT. (vs 1)
  2. The evil spirit came TO Jesus, WHEN He got out of the boat (vs 2)
  3. People IN the know who’d been around, only focused on OUTWARD symptoms, trying in their OWN strength to deal with the needs of the afflicted. Humanitarian acts without the compassion and power of the kingdom of God, don’t always break through (vs 3-5)
  4. Jesus saw INTO the demon possessed man and asked the offenders to come out. Discerned beyond the surface behaviour and with authority asked the spiritual oppression to identify itself. (vs 8)
  5. Jesus listened. Jesus permitted. Jesus calmly operated in authority. Jesus decisions had impact on a number of others and not just the respondent. The impact was certainly experienced by the pigs but also by the pig herders, by the people who had NO context and who responded in fear; even after being clearly informed responded by REJECTING the power that had freed their situation. Jesus LEFT as he was asked to. (vs 9-18)
  6. Jesus didn’t allow the delivered man to journey with Him as a groupie. (vs18)
  7. Jesus asked the man to GO and TESTIFY (first time in Mark’s record) – to start with his FAMILY. The man MAY have obeyed BUT the word ‘Decapolis’ indicates he shared more widely (the 10 cities) (vs 19-20)
  8. Jesus didn’t HIDE. He went TO where the crowd was. (vs 21)
  9. Jesus went with a Synagogue ruler BECAUSE of the FAITH he saw in Jairus. (vs 24)
  10. Jesus NEVER sporadic in His intentional representation of the kingdom. The bleeding woman incident IS a parable in real life. She was healed AND freed. He pursued this need AND the story it represented without reacting to detractors, doubters or any of the misdirection. (vs30-34)
  11. Jesus ignored logic, rational thinking and scientific reasoning to faithfully respond directly to FAITH in others. (vs 35-36)
  12. Jesus KNEW when to STOP the show (vs 37ff)
  13. Jesus reframed reality in a kingdom of heaven framework (vs 39)
  14. Jesus excluded the faithless mockers (never the faithless) from the journey and took the hungry, the yearning with Him (vs 40)
  15. Jesus demonstrates the kingdom intimately with personal touch and gentle assurance vs 41)
  16. Jesus’ instructions were directed towards the girl’s holistic well-being (vs 43)

NB: Was Jesus’ directions to the demon-possessed man designed to be the best for His holistic well-being? (cf. vs 18-20)

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