Full Throttle Ministries – Full Steam Ahead

Confirmation and a much clearer pathway into 2018 has resulted from the journey we’ve been on with Jono Hyratt these past few years and particularly months. We have waited on the Holy Spirit, been patient but definite about the targeted ministry we were called to together, stayed the course to get the foundations firmly IN the revelation Christ has brought all the while actively pre-prayer(ing) and working hard to BE READY if and when God opened the door for Biker’s Chapel and anything else He wanted to release.  Since making the decision to hold the SECOND Pilot Biker’s Chapel event next SATURDAY 18th November 6pm, based upon what we collectively heard from the Lord; we have had contact from Jono’s oversight leaders with ‘Bikers for Christ’ asking whether the Chapel was now monthly and if they could visit to encourage us in the effort and in support of Jono in December. Alongside this development Jono has been advised of the possibility of hosting a renowned evangelist in the Bikie world, and has been invited to conduct a weekend of ministry in Northern NSW in January that could involve a mission team from home base.

God is on the move and as always we are seeking your increased prayer support as we listen carefully to what Jesus wants us to be involved and not be distracted by things we’d simply LIKE to do. The HOPE Project relies on what Jesus reveals so let’s continue to DWELL.

Let’s Get Together and Explore God Given Possibilities

Between now and Christmas Graeme would like to meet with each and EVERY person who considers themselves in some way part of the mission community known as Corrimal Community Church. The main reason for this is so we can pray together about what God is doing in and through our church family, reflect on what God is doing in individual lives and together, determine IN Christ what might be possible as we enter Stage ONE of The HOPE Project; ‘ 2018: The Year of Equipping’.

There is no pressure on any one to feel like they have to catch up with Graeme, it’s just an invitation to be part of the conversation. So from THIS Sunday the opportunity will be advertised. On this or ANY of the next few Sundays you can note your best catch up options on an Info Request Form, fold and place it in the offering bag or drop it into the designated box in the entrance way and as soon as is practically possible, you will receive Graeme’s business card with your appointment time on the back. The HOPE Project is a season for offering what we DO have and CAN bring and not what we DON’T have and CAN’T bring. 

OPEN Day Preparations and Fine Tuning

We sincerely apologize for ANY INCONVENIENCE that internal constructions have been and will cause. With BEYOND WORDS THANKS to John Podmore and some helpful friends from the neighbourhood, we are working to complete STAGE ONE of the facility refurbishment in time for the OPEN Day in 2 weeks’ time. The fine tuning will include completion of the ministry office next to the Photocopy room; the CLEAN up and shaping of a meeting and study/reading area (flexible enough to be an effective Chapel seating overflow and parent retreat space); the connection of water to the Café space kitchenette; the establishment of the new Crèche; new auditorium lighting; completed toilet upgrade; Audio Visual production area refinement; simple room security; signage and painting the outside refurbished area. We have done this work very close to budget having recycled and sought cheaper options and some donations where practical and possible. The Kitchen and Back Hall will be in STAGE TWO once a plan is developed. Next week we will explain the missional reasons for most of the refinements beyond the obvious need for maintenance.

Mark Chapter ELEVEN (What did Jesus actually DO?)

  1. Jesus sets His face towards Jerusalem. There is plenty of evidence across the FOUR Gospels that Jesus had frequently done reconnaissance missions to Jerusalem and His request to the 2 disciples to do a task that perhaps had ‘this world’ legal implications indicates a previous set up visit and an equipping opportunity. (vs 1-3)
  2. We should note that the disciples are beginning to obey Jesus to the letter instead of trying to make His requests fit their world view (vs 4-6)
  3. This story has a significant amount of previous context but the long and the short of the donkey colt episode is that Jesus was deliberately making a claim to be Messiah BUT a King of Humility and Peace NOT War. (vs 7-10)
  4. Jesus entered the temple to intentionally survey the scene and then sought peace which was his primary reason for visiting Martha, Mary & Lazarus in Bethany. (vs 11)
  5. Jesus then ‘seemingly’ (at least at a surface glance) acts out in ways contradictory to His normal representation and demonstration of the Kingdom of Heaven and indeed apparently opposite to the deliberate reason for His entrance to Jerusalem on a donkey colt. My usual suggestion is aligned with what I’d encourage you to do whenever you are reading any Jesus story, and that is to read this in the context of all the gospels. This chapter of Mark in particular needs to be read with eyes on the portrait of Jesus that the gospels present in synch because of the apparent anomalies in Jesus’ actions in these few verses. I will speak about this on Sunday BUT I urge you to be in prayer and dwell here a while because there is so much more to see with soft hearts and the Spirit’s eye. (vs 12-26)
  6. Jesus once again responds to the accusing religious leaders, representative of the Sanhedrin (Jewish Council) with discernment and without them realizing it, enough compassion to expose the shape of their hearts so they could respond to the challenge for themselves. Jesus knows that answering the particular question in this situation will only create circumstances that are avoidable at this stage so He makes it impossible for the enquirers to pursue their course to completion – for now.        As always, the responsibility is left with the hearer. Facing the evident truth and not hiding from it or finding a way to justify it is a huge stumbling block for all humans. (vs 27-33)

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