“With divine compassion, SEE AND ENGAGE the harvest as Jesus describes it”.

This being the second signpost we’ve begun repairing in and through the life of our church, it was encouraging and energizing to discover it as a major thread through this year’s ‘National Day of Prayer & Fasting’ (Feb 10th) and ’40 Day Prayer Relay’(Feb 14 to Mar 25) to which our Prayer Lounge was connected for 6 hours on Saturday.  The web cast from the lawns in front of Parliament House was beamed around the country and we joined with thousands of Christians, praying for the nation, and in particular our first Australians; that the Lord would send ‘raised up’ workers into the harvest. It was a reasonably quiet day at The HUB with a handful dropping by to pray and a few others connecting in via mobile texting whilst a reasonable number of others gathered at the regional ‘NDOP’ event at Shellharbour Community Church.

In our Prayer Lounge, the Holy Spirit challenged us to step into more of Christ’s compassion, enthusiasm and humility to engage a more genuine level of consistent, intentional commitment to God’s primary purpose; I.E. completing the great commission task.

To really SEE the harvest we need to love the crowd (as Jesus did), and when I was left alone in the prayer lounge during Saturday, I sought Jesus’ help to find some practical keys to the expression of heavenly cultures like compassion and humility. Check out the message summary later in this edition to capture a glimpse of what God started to show me, and see if there’s anything there that might match with what God is revealing to you and yours.

Leadership for Advancing God’s Kingdom – A Shared Responsibility

Over the coming weeks we will begin exploring TOGETHER, what leadership for this season of representing and demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven ON Earth (The HOPE Project) could and maybe should look like. Relationship – people walking with God AND people walking with people has been, is and will be key to this discussion and as such the cultures of heaven that we are currently exploring; communion, enthusiasm, compassion, humility ALL shape the core function of a leadership responsibility which will need to be shared by EVERY person in the body of Christ playing their part so the whole body builds itself up in love (cf. Eph 4:16). Here at CCC we are faithfully trying to develop intentional relationships between people who visibly express the gifts AND fruit of one or more of the equipping ministry functions (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching functions).     The reason for this effort is so that as these relationships develop, others will be encouraged and empowered to emerge as Jesus builds His church. The outcome, according to scripture will be a FULL-er advancement of the kingdom of heaven in each one’s own spheres or scopes of mission. These equipping ministries are NOT offices or leadership status symbols, they ARE Holy Spirit appointed foundations of the church with recognized anointing, together working and representing the FULLNESS of Christ, aligning us with Jesus Christ the cornerstone who represents and demonstrates ALL of heaven (cf. Eph 2-4).

This I believe is an overdue discussion and we are looking forward to what God reveals to us IN Christ as we SHARE the journey. You are welcome to join in. More soon … 

UPDATE – A Priority of Corporate Prayer CHANGES a Culture

A quick visit to www.40daysofprayer.org.au followed by scrolling down and typing East Corrimal into the suburb search menu and clicking search, will confirm that ‘THE PRAYER GROUP WITH LEGS FOR HOPE’ has been registered as an option for corporate prayer during the national 40 Days of Prayer campaign scheduled to coincide somewhat with Lent from Wednesday 14th.

As part of our season of STRATEGIC PRAYER for Cultivating the Culture of Heaven right where we are, ‘The Prayer Group with Legs for HOPE’ will get the ball rolling in the Prayer Lounge from 5.30pm – 6.30pm weekly from Tuesday 20th February.  It is our prayerful hope that this corporate prayer opportunity will be available in an ongoing time frame towards the establishment of the HOPE College Community (which MAY include regular Tuesday night equipping relationship development and tutorial support for study from sometime in March) , for as long as the Holy Spirit leads us. Meanwhile, this weekly day and time has also been registered as a ‘Closed Public Venue’ with the National ’40 Days of Prayer Relay’ and will utilize the prepared resources they provide. A ‘Closed Public Venue’ simply means the general public can contact us via the campaign’s online portals and when we receive details we can invite them to join with us.

If you would like to assist me in the coordination or simple facilitation of any of these prayer opportunities, PLEASE TALK WITH ME ASAP.

ADJUSTMENT NOTICE!!! Welcome to the HOPE College 2018 Study Year

‘Taste and See’ College Orientation Boot Camp to be held over the weekend of February    23 -24 (NOT Sunday 25th). The idea is to provide brief and engaging (stand-alone) work shop INTRODUCTIONS to some of the content of our study program for 2018 to give all who might be interested a taste of our pilot discipling framework and what an equipping community could resemble and function like.

NB: EACH Session will be a PROMPTLY starting and finishing 45 minute length.

Friday              23rd February              7pm to 9.30pm

7pm                 Session 1         ‘HOPE College: Its Core Values & Biblical Equipping Model’

7.55pm            Session 2         ‘Kingdom of Heaven Reasons for Safer Spaces & Safer People                                              Compliance for Churches’

8.45pm            Session 3         ‘Letter to the Church at Philippi: Building a Culture of HOPE’

Saturday          24th February                        9.30am to 12.15pm

9.30am            Session 4         ‘A View of the Leadership-Empowerment Challenge according to the ACTS’

10.30am          Session 5         ‘Discipling: Start with Your Gospel Story’

11.30am          Session 6         ‘Identifying Your Gifts will Refine your Mission Task’

Important Extra Information about this Boot Camp

  1. REGISTRATIONS ESSENTIAL via a simple message to the Reception Phone answering machine (4285 5014) or via email to Donna; secretaryccc09@gmail.com that alerts us to your intention to be present at ONE, TWO or ALL SIX sessions by NOT LATER THAN Wednesday 21st February COB
  2. ALL sessions (for THIS camp) held on site at the Corrimal Community Church HUB
  3. Coffee / Tea and Bikkies provided
  4. Cost is FREE but an opportunity will be given to make an offering

A Summary of this week’s message for Prayer, Reflection, Response & Action

The Series is … ‘Cultivating the Culture of Heaven On Planet Earth’


A Personal Prayer Journal Response to Heaven’s Humility (Subsequent to last week’s msg)  

As I was praying Saturday for the nation as a part of the ‘National Day of Prayer & Fasting’,           and reflected on this in the context of cultivating the ‘culture of heaven’ through compassion and humility particularly, I asked the Lord what it might take for this nation, this region, this city, this neighbourhood, this church, this heart …. To see the sort of reformation that would revive a hunger for God. I was overwhelmed so I asked the Holy Spirit to break it down to what might purify my heart as a starting point and I heard this in the quietness of the prayer lounge space …

‘You aren’t dwelling in the revelation Christ brought, you are dwelling in the words He spoke not in how they were lived and demonstrated those words’.

I asked for clarity and I was moved to just allow the Holy Sprit to lead me in worship and reading and to use the NDOP guide. As I started to read, my prayer was simply, Lord, remove me from this. Make me teachable. Block the knowledge I have built that wants to filter your revealed truth and make me wonder like a child so I can obediently follow ….

The rest of this summary is my cleaned up version of my journal as I proceeded to seek God. For the sake of journal space I have referred to scriptures I have referenced so PLEASE read them yourself as you pray and listen.

I was first led to 2 Chronicles 7:14 which is a consistent theme scripture for the annual Prayer Day. But, I was prompted to read verse 13 as well. God’s people are asked to HUMBLE themselves and PRAY … AND see God’s face … AND turn from their wicked ways and the promise is THEN … This is present continuous and not based on any one particular time. It also is clear that God’s people AREN’T being asked to pray for Gid to stop shutting down heaven or sending plagues etc. The prayer of the humble person who seeks God and repents is about restoration, not about prevention. Pride cannot exist within us, whatever the circumstances, when we walk WITH God.

I was next led to the familiar verses of Micah 6 but was prompted to start reading from Micah 6:1-8.   To obey is BETTER than sacrifice … empty ourselves of SELF (as Jesus did cf. Phil. 2) and live simply so OTHERS can simply live … More context: In verse 3 the almighty asks ‘Have I burdened you (basically with His redemptive gift)???

Next to Matthew 5 and what I refer to as the manifesto of the Kingdom of God. In particular the Holy Spirit was interested in reminding me of Meekness in verse 5. This is a genuine heart condition. Needed more background, searched some scriptures and settled with Psalm 37:11  so … peace breeds peace / gentleness breeds gentleness / meekness begats meekness

I sought some background on Meek … an often maligned English word (spineless, subservient) someone who is ineffective. It was a great Greek word and idea – championed by Aristotle = meek he said was the happy medium between too much anger and too little anger. In particular, a person who is angry at the right time about injustice to OTHERS and not for injustices to SELF.

Meek describes an animal which has learned to accept control (Interestingly = Broken).

True humility which banishes all pride

So …   Blessed is the person who is completely God controlled for only in His service do we find freedom and peace. Without humility a person can’t learn – i.e. without the realization of my ignorance. Jesus, I was reminded, seemed fully aware that no one can teach anyone who already knows it all. This reminder illuminated last week’s challenge to Be the Attitude of Jesus – Phil. 2: 5 – 8 and at this point the revelation to me a few years ago of a core task re-surfaced for reflection.

“In the spheres of my life, if I connect with someone and commit to living the attitude out together, Jesus will build his church right there … Lord, I am convinced this is true so equip me”

How did Jesus exhibit the trait of meekness? 

I was led straight to Matthew 11:28-30 and this scripture sounded a lot like a fulfilment of Micah 6:8 … Remember the context I was led to in verse 3.

“My people, what have I done to you? How have I burdened you? Answer me. I brought you up out of Egypt and redeemed you from the land of slavery.”

To deal with the burdens that (we allow) to overcome us, Jesus says, Come to me. Trust me. Hang out with me and I will provide what you need. “My Yokes fit well” Jesus says to us,         The design of who you are in me FITS well WITH ME but not so well apart from me…. So …… STOP RESISTING.  GIVE UP WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE AND LET ME SHOW YOU WHO YOU ARE AND HOW TO BE …. THAT and not something else!!!

Now that is definitely an expression of humility that Jesus can work with BUT THERE IS MORE.

Our discovery here is to determine what humility or meekness looks like as part of Jesus’ expression of life not just words …

Well, He humbly submits to the Father so the Father can show Him who He is and how He fits AND the expression of His humility is about providing safe and restful space that allows OTHERS to find THEIR rest and purpose and correct FIT ….. i.e. Others’ sense of right place  

So the complete picture of heaven’s humility for me is …

To surrender what I think my life IS into Jesus’ arms and accept His yoke which will show me the task He has for me (notwithstanding what I think it is) and how it is His best fit for me which will bring me rest and great peace and THEN …

To BE that for others. Be the space that OTHERS are able to access (because of Christ IN US) so they can find who they are and how they fit.  (a definition of kingdom of heaven equipping)

To be Jesus is to


If I can ACCEPT that, I will be used by God to CARRY BURDENS & find the best fit for OTHERS

Heaven’s Humility; Submits agendas to the Father God; is accessible / reachable / identified with lowly / strong enough & assured in God enough to do the seemingly foolish in the midst of others’ expectations

Questions that came to me at this point of Saturday’s journal of prayer …

Will I do God’s thing before contriving a way to do my thing?  (cf. Luke 22:42)

Can I share Jesus’ desire to do the will of the one who sent him & NOT HIS OWN? (cf. John 17:4)  Can I trust Jesus to do as He’s promised & stay out of His way whilst He does it through me?

I then reflected again on Jesus’ divine humility as described by Paul in Phil. 2 before I opened 1 Corinthians 2 and read from verse 14 to 16.

If we take on His yoke and have the same attitude as Christ’s humble, meek life, THEN we have the MIND of Christ and not our own …. Jesus was willing to set aside his own take on reality (and his divinity), and enter into OUR reality and our sin. This is what love does. Christ’s mind draws on all the resources of heaven – Mine doesn’t J This is an important confession ….

So, as I prayed I received three ideas about actions that heaven’s humility compels me to have a go at as a result of me asking specifically for what it might take to see a reformation in Australia that could revive a hunger for God   (Now Jesus has promised me He will unpack this more with me, the more I accept His rest and His easy fitting yoke) so let me share them with you as things we can pray into and explore for both ourselves and the church …

If you feel comfortable, respond to each one as I have ….Given to me by God for my personal response (recognizing there’s more)

  1. In light of your new understanding of both sides of humility as per Matthew 11:28-30 (i.e. My right fit IN Christ is not primarily for my benefit but for others to find their right fit), you must be willing to set your perspective aside to hear and understand that of another, but you can only do this if your source of life is God. Only then you will not be threatened by someone’s competing view of reality.

So …. For The HOPE Project to have impact, I need to cultivate the mind and attitude of Christ in me, by prioritizing His yoke instead of my agenda and or view of my own importance

  1. Don’t let your emotional responses impact your conversation. Heaven’s Humility              depends on the mind and attitude of Christ so, listen to where a question or viewpoint is coming from, don’t assume you have all the facts or information because no matter how       well read you think you are, you don’t have it all! Respond to what’s in front of you NOT       to what you BELIEVE to be the motivation behind the other’s viewpoint. (Jn 18:36)          Only Christ’s mind has all that’s needed. Always present your views as your own view.  So …. For The HOPE Project to have impact, I need to cultivate the mind and attitude of Christ in me, by practicing ASKING others why they do or believe the things they do (rather than dominating the conversation with my view, defending my view or assuming anything about where their view is coming from – in the conversation I mean) so anxiety is reduced and they are more likely to see THEIR BEST FIT; this is placing the interest of others above myself
  2. Be willing to suspend the way your mind views things entirely and just focus on entering              into the view of another. God entered so completely into our reality that he became one of us. Do not try to get people to agree with the way you view things. This is not what Jesus did. Don’t ask people for their viewpoint or what motivates them UNLESS you are prepared to listen to the answer, whatever it is. Once you have heard their answer, honour it (e.g. Mark 10:17-22) and let the mind of Christ IN YOU respond from a kingdom perspective all the while looking at them through the eyes of Jesus.

So …. For The HOPE Project to have impact, I need to cultivate the mind and attitude of Christ in me, by NOT trying to win, resisting my urge to judge, and instead seeking ONLY to understand and honour so that spiritual discernment & mutual accountability can result.

Leading (as we ALL do in the particular spheres of our life) as humbly as Christ does means submitting voluntarily to others so that the Holy Spirit delivered truth can be more clearly seen from both sides. I spent the rest of my prayer time imagining the transforming impact that even trusting Jesus with trying this might have …

Here’s a small section of the prayer I wrote at the end of my reflection on Saturday ….. Let me know if you’d like to read the whole thing and I’ll send it to you J

“Lord, I plead with you to send workers into the harvest that are trusting you for their right fit … workers with open hearts that are letting Jesus come (fully) in …… letting Him strengthen their family relationships … letting Him order their priorities … letting Him counsel them in their work situations … letting Him give them rest beyond anything that can be achieved via other pursuits …. Lord, that I might be an approved and worthy worker such as these I pray for.”

Let’s chat ….

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