Welcome to our 2017 commitment to ‘dwell in the revelation Christ has brought’ and as such find practical ways to encourage each other into that space. We are desperate to be transformed by Christ IN us so that the new base for our daily decisions and actions is the kingdom of heaven culture wrapped up in Christ’s revelation of the Father God and his redemptive love.

Each week as we read scripture and learn more about this together, I will endeavour to consistently produce a simple guideline that includes a brief summary of some of the key points of the message, some practical reflection points and a few questions for either further prayer and reflection on your own or with 1 or 3 others over a cuppa.

These reflection guidelines will be emailed to those who would like them and they will be made available as blog posts here with links provided on the Corrimal Community Church FB page. As much as is possible, these posts and the emails will be delivered sometime each Sunday afternoon.

The idea to not give the guide to you prior to you hearing the message is so that you are not distracted from the relational and interactive stuff that happens when a person is speaking a message. Having the guide soon after whilst it is still fresh in your mind will then help you get more from what God wants to reveal to you during the week for reflection and action.

I would encourage you to have an exercise book book or similar to act as a journal for this journey. Even if you don’t normally journal, it is helpful simply to write down, even in short note form, any thought or question or reflection you have as you listen to messages or when you are reading through scriptures or the guide so that you can continue to build on these thoughts as you share and especially as you pray. It also keeps it all together.

If you are receiving or following these and you aren’t in the room to hear the message first hand, Karen and I are working hard with the technology we can afford and get our hands on towards making either the audio easily available via the web site (we have some storage size issues we are sorting) OR live via Facebook or web site supported live streaming technology AND OR via a recorded CD library.

These are all January projects.

In the meantime, God bless you as you seek to hear more from him and live each day IN Christ, the word made flesh, the living revelation of the Father God’s love and kingdom come purposes.

Please be encouraged to email or text me any thoughts, revelations or questions you have and I will endeavour to deal with these either by reply email or as we share each week (if the question is relevant to more than one person).

Love & blessings