After another impactful ‘Voices4Justice’ event at Parliament House over recent days, ‘Micah Australia’ the renewed vision of ‘Micah Challenge’ has been launched and Heartland Ministries is more commited than ever. Micah Challenge has equipped Christians over the past decade to help ensure Australia does its fair share to achieve the goal of halving extreme global poverty by 2015.
Our National Political landscape and the global picture relating to poverty and sustainable development both have changed phenomenally over the past few years and even though a few weeks ago Australia joined the international community in unanimously adopting the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) towards 2030, in the last TWO years our government has made the largest cuts to Australian aid in history.
If you would like an excellent read about who we would rather be, followers of Jesus raising a powerful voice and doing justice together, here is the link to Micah Australia’s National Director Ben Thurley’s blog article posted today to explain the new logo and the vision for Micah Australia.
Come on Australia, let’s DO JUSTICE TOGETHER but let’s do it in the name of Jesus so that it is actually for the benefit of those who are in most need and not about us.