Hi, my name is Graeme and thank you so much for registering your interest in our Community Development Mobile App offer.

The Product

We design and build customized mobile applications (apps) that utilize existing web based systems, as well as incorporating an internal option based structure and we do this for an amazing price plan which includes:-

  • A relationship with your customer contact and service person which ensures The App Zone completes your build, customized to your needs and within a very reasonable time frame
  • An end product which enables you and your organization or business to connect with people more effectively than ever before. Here are some of the advantages:-
    • Users can connect with you at their convenience; blogs, news, event changes etc
    • Your organization will save big money on monthly mail outs, hit and miss emails, newsletters and even text messages by providing instant messaging and news;
    • Coordinates facebook, twitter and web updates from the palm of your hand;
    • Provides static and dynamic service information with live updating of all app content possible; unlimited push notifications – unlimited app downloads
    • Event information and easy location mapping
    • Instant connectivity to what you want your people connected to – one click calling
  • As much training as you need to ensure you can fully utilize the functionality of your app with ease, speed and convenience
  • Complete and timely tech support and follow up service to ensure your app maintains peak performance and functionality

What Sets our Product Apart?

We utilise a licensed proprietary system, that uses a web based CMS (Control management system) and develop apps for both Android and iPhone platforms. Our system allows for various web platform connections, social media integration, internal proprietary functionality, including geo-located event publication, coupon based customer loyalty options (there are reasons why many major companies use loyalty coupons), push notifications, and more.

Mobile device use is increasing exponentially and so we believe that it is more important than ever for businesses and organisations to develop strategies and systems that tap into this burgeoning culture.

We here at The App Zone are like a family. Our focus is on helping people make better and more sustainable connections, one app at a time and so we will work hard to assure that outcome for you in any way we can.

We are a small company that builds our technology up to a standard and so we spend what is required to give you something that is both robust and flexible.

Here are our current packages …..

Our Standard App provides ALL the basics and a strong platform for organizations***

Package #1        

  • A One Off Up Front Development Cost of $990 (AU). Includes GST and requires a $500 deposit before the build commences
  • $490 Balance to be paid by completion of the build
  • From completion and training i.e. once you are controlling the app, there is a $69 (AU) monthly subscription which includes all tech and customer support for a minimum of 24 months and beyond this for the life of the service partnership

Package #2

  • A One Off Up Front Development Cost of $300 (AU). Includes GST and should be paid before the build commences with no balance to pay upon build completion.
  • From build completion and training i.e. once you are controlling the app, there is a    $99 (AU) monthly subscription which includes all tech and customer support as well as absorbed up front build costs for a minimum of 24 months, then reducing to $69 (AU) per month thereafter for the life of the service partnership.

Our Large Club and Specialized Business Apps are dependent on the use of particular technologies. Some are advanced like QR Coupons and as such their developmental costs vary. Prices available on application but are usually significantly more expensive to build than the Standard App.

All prices for larger apps are negotiable but it should be noted again that our technologies are exceptional AND well-priced to cater for and match your particular needs. So, let’s talk J

*** NB: If there is an extra special customized technology that you would like to add to the standard app – please ask and we’ll see how we can help

Please Contact Me for an obligation free consultation, demonstration and or quote OR to get the ball rolling on your App build today!


Kind regards

Graeme Hush                                                                                                                                                     

Heartland Perspectives and Solutions

The App Zone Team